Lush Cocktail Perfume Review

Lush Cocktail Perfume Review

Review: Gorilla perfumes at lush cocktail is new female perfume of the moment, lush cocktail exclusive perfume by Christian Dior, is a resounding success.

Lush citrus, spice, and amber tones round out this intoxicating fragrance that can turn heads everywhere it goes. A favorite among women of all ages, this scent is perfect for evening wear, daytime wear, or any time you want to feel sexy and sensual. Check out these romantic Lush Cocktail Perfume Reviews to see why women of all ages are wearing them!

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Lush Cocktail Perfume Ingredients

Infused with rich musk, vanilla, caramel, caramelized sugar, and other spicy components. You will genuinely smell like an elegant socialite as you dab your scent all over your body. It is so sensual, you might mistake it for Chanel or Christian Dior, but then again, it isn’t. This scent is very sensual without being too over the top.

For a fresh twist on floral perfumes, try Fresh Romance by Avon. A light floral scent is an excellent option for those who are searching for an all-natural fragrance. 

This is an excellent option for women who find most floral fragrances too overpowering. This scent can make you feel like you are on vacation, with warm, soothing memories. The blend of white tea and light honey make it an ideal scent that will go well with almost anything.

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A modern take on the classic floral scent, lush cocktail exclusive perfume is excellent for summertime and cold weather nights.

Rich spices, caramel, musk, and wood combine to form an intoxicating scent that will have women clamoring for more once they wear it. If you want to smell like a ladybug right now, try this scent!

It’s also a very affordable option compared to many of the other options mentioned above.

As if floral fragrances weren’t intriguing enough, consider Poison by Ralph Lauren. This alluring fragrance captures the essence of the rich, complex scent that is Poison by Ralph Lauren. Rich with spices, sandalwood, and coffee, this fragrance also has a fresh, almost flowery aroma that will have you feeling like you are on vacation. This is a fragrance that will leave your friends in awe.


Finally, one of the most alluring fragrances on the market today is from Dolce and Gabbana. This upscale Italian brand is one of the most well-known Italian designer fragrances on the market. Created by world-renowned designer Mario Bellini, this fragrance is a true Italian beauty. With its exotic blend of citrus, floral, and woody notes, this fragrance is a definite must-have. Try it for yourself and see!

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