Review: Is Kior’s Hair Removal Machine a 100% Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair?

Kior has created a permanent hair removal machine for unwanted hair, which has surprised everyone because at-home hair removal treatments were taught to be a temporary solution.

The Kior hair removal machine promises you a permanent solution to unwanted hair with a few at-home sessions. The hair removal sessions at a dermatologist’s clinic cost you around $6,000, which is undoubtedly a pretty hefty amount. However, with the Kior machine, you can permanently eliminate unwanted body hair effectively and affordably.

Is Kior’s Hair Removal Machine a 100% Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair?

At-home hair removal sessions still sound like a myth to some people, and they often ask whether a permanent hair removal machine like Kior works aptly.

If you too wonder whether the Kior hair removal machine is a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair, this review will have all the right answers for you in one place.

What is the Kior Hair Removal Machine?

Kior is a permanent hair removal machine for unwanted hair that works the same way as the typical hair removal sessions at dermatologist clinics. Kior is a handheld laser-emitting hair removal device capable of removing hair from the exposed area.

Looking at it, you might consider it an epilator, which removes hair temporarily. Still, in reality, it provides permanent hair removal treatment similar to the one provided at an expensive dermatologist’s clinic. Literally….!

The Kior machine is specifically designed for people with sensitive skin types. Roe Kinko, the inventor of this laser machine, created this device for teenagers whose skin is super-sensitive and delicate. Thus, if it is suitable for teenagers, it can be used on any other skin type.

Since the device utilizes laser technology, therefore, you won’t feel anything during the process, which ultimately makes it painless. Some people think that laser procedures can progressively damage the skin, but in reality, no such thing happens. This device’s laser levels are certified and utterly safe for use.

How Does the Kior Hair Removal Machine Work?

Unlike the epilator, this device does not use the standard shaving mechanism. Instead, it uses laser technology, which treats the hair at its roots.

The laser emits light rays, which are then converted into heat energy and transferred to the hair roots. When the light reaches the roots, it targets the melanin pigment of hair follicles and impairs them.

Once impaired, the hair follicles weaken and start to fall off. After the first session, the hair may visually seem removed. But in actuality, the first session only causes temporary hair removal. The hair gets permanently removed after a prescribed number of sessions.

How Many Sessions are Required for Permanent Hair Removal?

When you visit a dermatologist’s clinic, the permanent hair removal session does not become successful in a single attempt. Instead, several sessions are required to get hair removed permanently.

Usually, hair removal sessions of up to 8 consecutive weeks are required for an average-colored person with median hair follicle strength. The gap between two sessions can be between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the skin type. The process can be prolonged, but it is a one-time investment and can prove highly cost-effective with the help of Kior.

Is Kior Hair Removal Machine Effective?

Kior is a permanent laser hair removal machine for unwanted hair, which proves to be highly effective for many skin types. Whether the skin is oily, acne-prone, or dry, the laser won’t affect the skin adversely.

However, the effectiveness of the Kior hair removal machine depends upon the skin tone.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that the skin tone depends upon the concentration of melanin in the skin. If the concentration of melanin in the skin is at its highest, then the skin will be in its darkest shade.

And the lighter the skin tone is, the more efficient and faster the permanent hair removal procedure will be. If the concentration is low, the skin would automatically be paler and lighter. The higher the concentration of melanin is in the skin, the more difficult it is for the skin to remove hair.

As a result, the permanent hair removal process may require fewer sessions for light-skinned people. In comparison, people with a deep skin tone may undergo several sessions to achieve desired results.

Why is Kior Hair Removal Process Better Than a Clinic’s Treatment?

The Kior hair removal machine is an absolute winner compared to the clinic’s hair removal procedures. The process proves highly affordable as you won’t have to pay a hefty amount after every session. Instead, this handheld device is a one-time investment and provides the same results as clinics’ procedures.

However, if you are concerned about your skin, you can visit a dermatologist before using the Kior hair removal machine. The dermatologist can recommend the frequency of sessions and the gap period between them for the best results.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Kior Hair Removal Machine?

The following are a few notable benefits and drawbacks of the Kior handheld hair removal device:


● It is the best hair removal method for skin;

● It is relatively easier to use;

● Kior is a one-time investment hair removal machine;

● The machine can be used on any part of the body (except under the eyes);

● Kior is suitable for use by both men and women;

● Besides removing hair permanently, the machine also boosts collagen production in the skin;

● It is very affordable.


● The machine is not suitable for dark skin tone;

● Kior cannot be used on melanin-less hair, i.e., blond, gray, white, and red.

Kior is a permanent hair removal machine for unwanted hair and has broken all the basic stereotypes of laser hair removal devices. Within just months, you can complete your hair removal session with Kior and attain perfectly smooth skin.

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