How to Choose a Fragrance: A Guide for Beginners

There are thousands of perfumes on the market. Choosing one can be overwhelming, but it’s easy if you follow these simple steps.

Consider the season

Wearing homemade fragrances for the first time proves the value of having a varied personal collection. As I read about similar scents, I can see how they’re similar to me but subtle enough to wear on different days. The more I experiment with fragrances, the better I get at choosing the right one for me. If you’re forced to use commercial perfumes, try investing in a few small bottles, as this method will save you a pile of money.

When you’re putting together your list of favourite scents, pick a base smell. This could be nostalgia or physical beauty. Another possibility is modern nostalgia. If you want a cocktail smell, consider an old-fashioned mix.

For perfume, it doesn’t matter which direction you put the bottle in, but make sure you don’t put anything unflattering. I always err on the side of caution when it comes to fragrances, so I box up the perfumes that are slightly damaged and throw them into a bag to safely store them away.

3. Consider the occasion

A travel retreat is perhaps the most romantic gift you can give someone. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth to have a luxurious getaway. I love my Càpeo do Cruzeiro travel cologne. It hit like a thunderbolt when I was in Brazil, but fortunately, I was wearing it while wandering around Paraíba.

Finding the right symbol for your occasion can be a bit more challenging. But if you take a deep dive into the store’s website, then products will pop out at you. If it’s specific to a person, a simpler gift may be a meaningful one for that person.

4. Consider your body chemistry and personal scent preferences

Choosing the right perfume is all about personal preference, but it’s important to consider your body chemistry and what fragrances work with your body’s natural scent. If you have a very strong natural scent, you may want to try lighter, fresher scents. If you don’t have a scent, or you prefer to avoid scents that contain notes, fragrances with the strongest notes may be a better choice for you, or you can check out the list below in quick order.

5. Test before you buy!

This is only the beginning of your perfume journey. You will have great success right off the bat if you follow these simple steps. But ultimately, nothing comes easy — not even the perfume world.

When you’re looking to make a good impression, nothing suits the occasion quite like a fragrance that matches your personality. French Fragrance is an online store dedicated to finding the right scent for you.

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