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What Causes Scalp Acne and Pimples On The Head and Hairline?

Most people think that scalp acne is just for adults but to be honest, about 45% of cases of pimples on the head are from adults. The rest are from teens and even some pre-teens. There are definitely some different products on the market but finding one that does not disturb the delicate balance of the scalp is important. Some of the shampoos and even scalp lotion treatments can do more damage than good. It is important to make sure that you are using products that help to restore the very important and natural balance of the scalp.

If the very outter layer of skin on the scalp becomes too dry or if the harsh chemicals in the shampoos or treatments penetrate the lipid, moisture protective layer then this will allow fungus, bacteria and certain forms of yeast to penetrate and this causes more problems than just acne. Also important to note that buildup around on the outter and also down inside the hair follicle is the major cause of scalp zits.

This is why using a herbal-based shampoo to remove the sebum plugs and also to get rid of the excess and harder sebum deposits on the scalp is vital. For teens and adults if you do not remove the excess sebum it will harbour bacteria and fungi that will cause different types of bumps. Most people don’t realize that there is fungal acne and also bacteria scalp bumps. Both of these are helped tremendously with the deep scalp pore cleansing.

What Products Open The Scalp Pores and Hair Follicles?

The most commonly used herbal mixed is called Zincplex. This mix of herbs like burdock, ivy, sage, tea tree and other purifying herbs actually melt away the sebum plugs and open the follicles. This also allows the inner part of the follicles to be flushed clean of buildup. The mix is also known for removing hardened sebum that can accumulate anywhere on the scalp. When all of this is removed and the scalp is clean it will start to return to a healthy balance within a couple of weeks. This is when the scalp acne will improve greatly. However, please note that very few shampoos use the correct mixture of herbs to get rid of the buildup and sebum plugs. Most clarifying shampoos are not good for acne. Instead, they can actually increase it by stripping away the oils which signal the sebum glands to produce more.

For those that have hormonal acne, topicals may not work as well as those that do not. However, it is still very important to restore balance to the scalp skin to prevent future breakouts. The herbal complex for smooth skin called Zincplex is found in Hair Shampoos, Scalp Lotion Treatments, Hair Conditioners and also other face cleansers and creams that can help with breakouts on the face, eyebrows, beards, ears and even places like cracks and crevices around the nose etc.

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