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Total Stealth Detox Shampoo Review

Total Stealth Detox Shampoo is a certifiedganic formula that eliminates all toxins and impurities found in your hair—without damaging your hair or causing damage to your follicles (the bristles that grow from your scalp into your scalp). The unique formula used in this product is derived from a combination of argan oil, silica gel, beeswax, and essential oils. It has also been tested and proven to be safe for color-treated hair and natural hair with less feel in your hair either after one week or one month.It’s also safe for all hair types including greasy, coarse, unhealthy or broken hair.

Review of Total Stealth Detox Shampoo

When I first used this shampoo, my head was seriously tingling and we all know what that means–a head massage! My hair felt really clean and fresh afterwards too. I have a lot of build up and hair spray on my hair, but Stealth Detox really cleaned it out nicely. Thanks to the blend of natural ingredients and the mild aroma, my hair smelled great even after I styled it. – Nicole Bartlett

I have been using Stealth Detox Shampoo for a few weeks and I am very pleased with the results. I had a lot of build up on my scalp and hair. My scalp was flaky, itchy, and also dandruff.. The product itself does not lather that much, but boy does it get the job done! My hair is so much softer than it was before. Plus my hair styles easily, no more tangles when I comb through my hair after showering. -Hannah Griffin

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I’m loving your product. I’ve been using the Total Stealth Detox shampoo and conditioner for about 3 weeks now and it is amazing. My hair looks better than it ever has and people are constantly commenting on how healthy it looks. Thank you so much for making such an effective product! – Aaliyah Barnes

Product Description

Total Stealth Detox Shampoo is the ultimate detoxifying shampoo developed to cleanse the hair throughout the entire shaft right down to the follicle. This shampoo effectively and immediately works on all hair types, and unlike most shampoos it does not strip natural oils from your scalp. Our patented product is designed to remove all toxins from the hair without damaging its natural balance. This product has natural ingredients such as coconut oil that will not strip the hair of needed nutrients needed for healthy growth.


1. Cleanses throughout the entire hair shaft
2. Removes all toxins that weigh your hair down
3. Safe for daily use
4. For all hair types

How to Use

1. Apply on dry hair
2. Lather your hair in sections
3. Leave it on for a minute or so
4. Rinse it out with lukewarm water

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