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Tvam Hair-oil-henna-anti-hair-fall(hair Growth) Review

Tvam Hair-oil-henna-anti-hair-fall(hair Growth) helps you grow thick and healthy hair on your head in a few weeks. Henna has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a cosmetic and natural medicine for hair growth. It is now becoming more recognized for its ability to stimulate hair growth in those with hair loss or who have undergone haircare procedures. Some people use henna to treat their scalp disorders such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis (often associated with long-term coarse coarse hair) and caused by overuse of shampoos and conditioners; while others use it to create new hair on damaged or bald heads.

Review of Tvam Hair-oil-henna-anti-hair-fall(hair Growth)

I personally love the smell of this oil, and my hair has never felt or looked better. It’s taken care of my split ends, and made my hair much more manageable. I have also noticed that it promotes hair growth (I can see baby hairs sprouting from my scalp!), and it makes your hair stronger and shinier. It also has really helped with the dryness of my scalp, and stopped any dandruff I was starting to get. -Kate Wade

I have been using this product for the past 3 months and it has made such a difference. My hair feels so healthy and shines. The oil is very easy to apply and does not leave any residue on my scalp or hair. I have had many compliments from people saying how healthy my hair looks. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants the best for their hair! – Charlotte Gordon

I’ve been using this product for about a year now and I highly recommend it to anyone who can’t find the time or money to go to a hair salon. It’s excellent for strengthening hair and getting rid of dandruff, but most importantly, it prevents hair fall. My family has been using this product for years and we’ve never had any issues with hair fall or scalp conditions. – Matilda Dean

Product Descriptions

Tvam Hair-Oil-Henna-Anti-Hair-Fall (Hair Growth & Thickening Oil) is composed of pure herbal extracts, natural oils and minerals. This hair oil promotes hair growth and stimulates the hair follicle to grow new hair and prevents dandruff. This formula improves the texture of your hair to make them stronger as well as preventing hair peeling, balding and hair fall. It is an ayurvedic formula which has been used for ages to treat hair and scalp problems such as baldness, hair fall, dandruff and thinning of hair.


1. This product is a unique mix of ayurvedic herbs, oils, proteins, vitamins etc.
2. It helps to grow new hair and prevents hair fall
3. It makes the hair thick, silky and beautiful in a short period of time.

How to Use

  1. Massage oil gently onto the scalp using a cotton ball.
  2. Keep overnight or at least for an hour.
  3. Wash with cold water and shampoo.

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