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Nupal Hairomax Nalikera Shampoo Review

Nupal Hairomax Nalikera Shampoo are the first ever hair products using natural, organic and active ingredients for nourishing and beautifying your hair. The formula is free from silicones, phthalates and harsh chemicals. The formula is nourishing, containing essential fatty acids for effective conditioning along with nourishing Hill’s Science Aging Healing Hair Milk for smooth, shiny hair. It’s as effective as using a styling product with an excellent formula and relaxing an overworked scalp. Releasing the hair follicles prevents them from collapsing under the weight of your hair, preventing dyes from creating clumps or damage to your hair strand Structure, revealing your natural texture and creating shine in your hair without irritation.

Review of Nupal Hairomax Nalikera Shampoo

Two months ago I used hairomax shampoo just for 6 days and then I stopped it. I could see the difference in my hair, still not so much but I used for 6 days only. Now I am using this shampoo regularly and using it for more than two months. My hair fall has reduced so much that now even after today’s wash there is no hair fall at all. I really like this product, thanks to Nupal team. – Harriet Gibbs

Nupal Hairomax shampoo is actually good for hair. It has all the goodness of coconut oil and shikakai. I have been using it for a month now and my hair fall has reduced quite a bit. The fragrance is not bad at all. The consistency of the shampoo is good not very watery or thick. Overall i would say that this shampoo does what it claims to do and that too without any side effects. – Lydia Cross

It has been almost a month since I have been using this product. I have used this product under the guidance of professionals at a salon. The results are really good and I am very happy with it. My hair fall is reduced and my hair feels stronger. I have also seen a reduction in my dandruff problem. I would highly recommend this product. – Maya Forster

Product Description

Nupal Hairomax Nalikera Shampoo is an herbal shampoo that is formulated with goodness of coconut, kapok and other natural nourishment for hair. It prevents hair fall, helps hair growth, strengthens the hair root and strengthens the scalp. It is also an anti dandruff formula which prevents itching, scaling and white powdery substance formation on the scalp. Coconut oil makes this product safe for scalp since it has excellent moisturizing properties for dry scalp and also nourishes it nicely. This shampoo does not cause any kind of irritation to skin even when used regularly over a long period of time.


1. Cleanses scalp and roots
2. Thickens hair
3. Stimulate natural hair growth
4. Smooths and tames hair
5. Prevents hair fall

How to Use

1. Add a drop to wet hair
2. Massage the scalp gently
3. Rinse well
4. Repeat if necessary


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