How to Wash Synthetic Wigs
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How to Wash Synthetic Wigs

If you have recently purchased synthetic wigs and are wondering how to wash synthetic wigs properly, this article can help. First of all, it is important to note that although they are called “synthetic” wigs, they are made from all-natural human hair. The hair is not dyed, bleached, or permed; it is real hair. So, you must learn how to properly take care of your new hair wig.

To sum it up, here’s a list of You should avoid with synthetic wigs: 

  • You cannot apply the shampoo to your wig directly; 
  • Don’t use natural, human hair products on your synthetic hair wig; 
  • You can’t detangle your wig with a wide-toothed comb

Avoid Using hot water

Synthetic wigs can be damaged by hot water. When washing the hair, always use lukewarm water, especially if you wash your wig using hot water. Use a gentle shampoo, preferably an organic shampoo such as those made from vegetable oil, aloe vera, or coconut oil. 

It is important to note that many people wash their synthetic hair with tap water, which can strip the natural oils from the hair and make the wig brittle and damaged.

Condition your synthetic wig regularly

Although it is recommended and condition your synthetic wig regularly, you may only need to do this once every two months. For best results, condition your synthetic wig regularly and to the level of your head size. 

To do this, wash the wigs separately and then condition them using your preferred conditioner. Follow all directions carefully when you are washing and conditioning your wigs if you have not done so previously. Some wig conditioners are alcohol-based, some contain lauryl sulfate, and some contain tea tree oil.

Wash with Cold Water

Washing your synthetic hair in a sink is not advisable because the sink is usually wet and can be dirty. The best place to wash your hair wig is in your washing machine. Synthetic wigs are best washed in cold water. Do not use hot water or put the wig into the water for a long time. If you must, place the wig in the water for five minutes to remove any tangles before washing it in the machine.

Don’t use excessive amounts of shampoo & Conditioner

Most people use a combination of shampoo and conditioner for their synthetic wigs; others opt for hot water only. It is up to you how often you will be using the shampoo and conditioner on your artificial wig. However, don’t use excessive amounts, as this can cause damage to the wig. Some people also find that using conditioner improves the feel and look of their synthetic wig.

Detangle synthetic wig Properly

When it comes to how to detangle and style synthetic wigs, it’s fairly simple. Once you take your wig off, detangle it as much as possible without applying too much pressure. This will free up your fingers and make it easier to detangle the hair. Follow the direction of the natural growth of your hair to avoid having frizzy areas (Read: How to remove frizz out of synthetic wig).


Another important consideration is how to detangle synthetic wigs is brushing. It is highly recommended that you brush your wig after you have finished using the conditioner. The reason why you want to brush your synthetic wig is to get rid of tangles. Otherwise, the knots may grow back later if you don’t remove them. Synthetic hair products such as gels, mousse, and shampoos usually leave a residue. To remove this residue, you need to brush your hair.

The best advice that we can provide you is to brush your hair after applying the conditioner or styling product. This will ensure that any residue is removed from your hair and you will have a clean and manageable hair accessory. Synthetic hair products can be a bit tricky to manage at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without them!

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