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Wigs for women: what you need to know

Wigs are one of the most versatile tools of today’s beauty industry and are very rightly making waves across the board with the variety and options of styling they provide. They’ve become a staple for women going to events wanting to experiment with their looks and change their hairstyles without damaging their real hair. Wigs are gaining more momentum day by day and many makeup artists have now started suggesting the use of wigs to their clients rather than putting chemicals in their natural hair.

The styling options are so many as there is nothing off-limits now. Similarly, the variety of wigs in the market is also huge and caters to everyone’s demands and needs. There are full-lace wigs, human hair wigs, and synthetic units — so many options!

Wigs provide you with a convenient solution to all your problems whether you want to protect your hair, switch up your hair game or simply want to wear them for the fun of it. Women’s wigs provide you with the most diverse, versatile and fun options to play around with.

There are different types of wigs you can choose for all the different purposes, but the main difference is between the hair strands used to make the wigs for women. The two main types are:

  • Synthetic wigs
  • Human hair wigs

All the good and premium quality wigs are made of human hair. These wigs are expensive but can be used for a long period. Not to mention that as it’s real hair, it’s more natural both in terms of looks and texture. Synthetic wigs, meanwhile, are cheaper but have a shorter lifespan and cannot be styled extensively.

Even if you choose a human hair wigs, there are different types mainly due to the base material. Some of them include:

  • Lace front wigs: These are pre-made but look identical to human hair with a hairpiece sewn on the unit’s crown that parts only in two directions. The lace front provides a natural looking front hairline.
  • Full lace wigs: These are constructed from a lace cap which is well-ventilated. This type of wig provides versatility and unlimited styling options. They are very natural looking throughout as well.
  • Skin base wigs: These are durable and easy-to-maintain wigs thanks to the poly skin. However, they usually require liquid adhesives or tape compared to clips.
  • Custom wigs: These are specially made, human-hair wigs curated specifically for someone, keeping in mind their measurements and style preference. These are usually the most expensive type of wigs available. Refer to the following video to learn how to measure your head for a custom wig:

How To Measure Your Head Size For A Custom Full Cap Wig

How to take care of human hair wigs

You need to take care of these wigs like your own hair. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to increase the shelf-life of the units.

  • You need to store the wigs properly on the mannequin head when not using it to maintain its form and shape.
  • Avoid sleeping with your wigs on.
  • Wash it regularly but gently with sulfate-free wig shampoos and conditioners.
  • Never use heavy oils or hair butter on your wigs.

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