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10 Things You Need to Know to Take Care of Wigs

Wigs are an important part of the beauty industry. Wigs are the lifesaver of celebrities as they help them to change their hairstyles in an instant on the red carpet without damaging their natural hair. However, beyond the world of stardom and media, the hairstylist is showing off their skills to manage wigs for the general masses. Apart from stardom, wigs have been used by most people to save their natural hair from heating and other styling agents like coloring, waving, straightening, and others.

Every day on social media comes a new hack that goes viral and people try that and give reviews which has made lives much easier and fast. In today’s world where pollution is at its peak and climate change, wigs have become a part of the life of normal people as well not even celebrities and the reason behind this is the protection of natural hair. However, no matter whether it is natural or synthetic; taking care of things is essential as not only protects but increases the lifetime of a thing as well. In that regard, taking care of wigs is extremely important,Lee from Unice said. Another important thing to know is that there are two types of wigs: natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs and maintenance of both is important and different as well.

Care for Human Hair Wig

As for human hair wigs, caring and maintenance are different because of natural hair. To get the best result one should wash the human hair wig with shampoo and conditioner before wearing it and do not forget to wear it on dry hair. Human hair wigs are covered in a coating that coating is being done to retain the style of the wig along with retaining moisture in it during the shipment. You should remove that coating by washing it off; otherwise, you would be having a hard time using and styling the human hair wig. If you do not intend to wear it but want to keep the style, you can just mist the hair and blow-dry it. On the other hand, if you intend to wear the wig, wash it off first then wear it. For styling, you can both heat styling and air drying for natural hair wigs. Heat styling makes the hair cuticle smooth and gives a fresh look to the hair making it feel like your natural hair. However, if you are planning to color it before wearing it, it must be washed off before coloring. If not washed before coloring, the coating would absorb the color and you would not be getting your desired color. An indicator of washing your human hair wig is the condition of your hair. If hair appears to be dull and dry, then it’s the perfect time to wash it.

According to stylists, one should wash the human hair wig after every six to eight wears. It is always recommended to use a conditioner after washing it with shampoo because human hair needs moisture. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots of the hair and if the wig is colored, use color treatment products. Before washing detangle the hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb and always starts at the end and then move towards the roots to avoid damaging hair. Here are 10 basic things you need to keep at on fingertips for taking care of wigs.

  1. Wash it off before using
  2. Before coloring the wig, wash it off
  3. Always wash it after 6 to 8 wears
  4. Detangle the hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb
  5. Avoid brushing the hair
  6. Do not leave the conditioner for more than 5 minutes
  7. Do not twist or wring the wig
  8. Always wash it with cool water
  9. Do not store the wig in wet condition
  10. If you want to store the styled wig, use the Styrofoam or canvas head

Care for Synthetic Hair Wig

Taking care of synthetic hair wig is also important as it is made of fiber and when you wear them, the dust gets stuck in them and can make them look worse. So, it is recommended to wash the wig after six to eight wash or after two to three weeks. Washing of wigs also depends upon your circumstances. If you are surrounded by smoke, dust, perfumes, and heavy smell, you need to wash it quite often. A very good indicator for washing the wig is if it appears dull, rough, and lifeless.

It is suggested to use wig shampoos which are specially designed for fibers to make them look fresh and smooth, also do not forget to use the wig conditioner to retain the moisture in that. Regular hair care products contain chemicals that can damage synthetic fiber, so it is better not to use regular hair products. Before washing the wig, it is advisable to remove the tangle by using a wig brush. Then wash it by using wig shampoo and conditioner. Avoid hanging it on anything for the removal of extra water.

The weight of the water can cause the fibers to stretch and the wig can lose its shape and texture. For that reason, gently pat the wig with a paper towel to remove the remove and let it dry. Do not ever place the wig on the canvas board as it can stretch the fibers. Do not heat style the wig or blow dry it. Heat styling is not recommended for synthetic hair wigs. It is recommended for natural hair wigs. Also, in the case of synthetic wigs, washing them off before using them is not compulsory. However, if you feel shine on it; you can use dry shampoo. Here are 10 basic things, you need to keep in mind for taking care of a synthetic wig.

  1. Wash it off after every six to eight wears
  2. Avoid using a brush to comb the wig
  3. Always use cool water to wash the wig
  4. Avoid using regular shampoo and conditioner
  5. Avoid using heat to dry the wig
  6. Always air dry the wig
  7. Avoid heat styling of the wig as it can damage the fiber
  8. Avoid contact with things that can create friction and can damage the fiber
  9. Avoid rubbing and twisting of wig
  10. Use Styrofoam to store the wig

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