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VEET Gold Whitening Serum SPF 18 Review

Veet Gold Whitening serum is an anti-aging serum that helps to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles. And it does it in a fuss-free way that leaves your skin feeling smooth, fresh and visibly shiny. If trying to achieve an even skin tone, use this product on a daily basis. The vitamin P in this product helps to protect and support the skin barrier when used topically or internally. It contains an innovative technology which allows it to intensify the UV protection provided by a sunscreen without adding more bulk.

Review of VEET Gold Whitening Serum SPF 18

I think that the Veet Gold serum is a very good product for those who want to lighten their skin tone. I have been using the product for a few days now and I can already see some of the hyper pigmentation spots on my face getting lighter. It is also very easy to use and does not leave my skin feeling dried. -Keira Ferguson

Veet Gold Whitening Serum SPF 18 is a very effective product for your skin. I used it twice a day and it removed my dark spots, pigmentation marks and freckles in few weeks. The serum is too good for removing the sunspots, wrinkles and black spots. I highly recommend this product. – Sophie Lamb

I have been using VEET for over 15 years. I have always had a problem with dark pigmentation on my face due to sun exposure. I started using VEET when it first came out and I can honestly say that my skin tone is even now. I don’t get asked about age anymore and compliments about my complexion are regular. – Amelia Howell

Product Description

VEET Gold Whitening Serum SPF 18 works in 4 ways: It contains carrot, a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, which with regular application can provide lightness to the skin and help treat and prevent dark spots. The specific mix of ingredients helps fight hyper pigmentation marks through a physical exfoliation and without damaging the skin. Complementary, it contains natural SPF18 so that users can protect their skin from exposure to UV rays. This lightweight formula is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves it nicely hydrated.

It is an oil-in-water emulsion and contains carrot oil that helps remove outer layers of skin cells, revealing a brighter and improved complexion. This serum is also suitable for sensitive skins as it contains no alcohol, fragrance or colourants. The result is clearer skin in 4 weeks’ time.”


1. Fights hyper pigmentation marks
2. Clears black spots, sun spots & wrinkles
3. Removes acne, pimples & FREckles
4. Treats Eczema & sunburn
5. Evens the complexion
6. Skin Toning

How to Use

Step 1: Apply serum to a clean damp face.
Step 2: Leave on for 10 minutes or can be left overnight.
Step 3: Rinse your face off with warm water.
Step 4: Apply the cream of your choice.


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