Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum Review
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Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum Review

Bielenda has been creating peptides and amino acids that deliver peptides, amino acids and minerals directly to the cells where they are needed most. This peptide serum significantly improves skin elasticity, clarity and firmness with virtually no side effects and provides long-lasting hydration for healthier looking skin. The ingredients are developed with the skin’s microbiome in mind to nourish the skin microbiome in ways that restore and protect its nutrition system thereby improving overall skin health beyond the replenishment provided by peptides alone.

Review of Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum

I have tried many facial products and I can honestly say that the Super Power Mezo Serum by Bielenda is one of the best. It is easy to apply and it leaves my skin with a youthful glow. The results are visible after 2-3 weeks of application. I will continue using this product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their appearance. – Daisy Davies

It’s a very smooth and silky serum that absorbs really quickly. I apply it on my face right after cleansing and toning, and it doesn’t interfere with the application of other products like moisturiser or foundation. Also, I find that it does help reduce my redness in my cheeks and nose area, which is great!. – Chloe Whitehead

Guys this is the first time I am writing a review for a product, but I just had to write about this. I put it on my mom’s face and she says her wrinkles have disappeared and skin looks amazing. She is 62 years old. Also, it has improved the texture of my face. It now looks smooth and plump like a baby’s skin.  – Bethany Cartwright

Product Description

Super Power Mezo Serum is an advanced skincare product formulated to improve the texture and quality of your skin, reduce wrinkles and reduce acne. Improved ingredients have been added to increase moisturisation and help reduce ageing, resulting in a product that more effectively improves skin quality than before. On application, it reaches deep into the lower layers of the skin through the added hyaluronic acid and a new careful selection of ingredients that act synergistically to combat the signs of ageing from within.

The Mezo Serum is a combination of seven active ingredients – four silicones, the vitamin complex L-ascorbic acid and the patented peptide combination. It visibly rejuvenates and improves the quality of skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents further aging. The Mezo Serum also contains a high concentration of linoleic acid which has a soothing effect on acne prone skin and soothes redness.


1. For an anti-aging effect
2. To diminish wrinkles and fine lines
3. To moisturise and nourish the skin

How to Use

1. Apply every night after cleansing your face
2. Leave it to work 10 minutes
3. Wash off with lukewarm water
4. Use the serum regularly to get the best results

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