How to choose a photographer for a wedding in Dublin

Dublin is the heart and soul of Ireland. The atmosphere of this ancient city will not leave anyone indifferent. Dublin is full of mysteries and incredible discoveries. It combines antiquity and modernity, and several eras peacefully coexist with each other. The capital of Ireland is a city of castles and gardens, the birthplace of St. Patrick and freedom-loving Irish kings. A wedding in this city will be unforgettable and leave an amazing impression. So, to make the best of this day, prepare yourself, choose a location for your photo session and, of course, find your perfect wedding photographer in Dublin.

How to prepare for a wedding photo shoot in Dublin?

First, decide where you want to shoot:

  • in the city,
  • in nature,
  • indoors.

If you are planning a photoshoot in the city, choose the right time. Dublin is the capital of Ireland, it is always noisy and crowded, there are many cars, traffic jams are possible. Also, the evening is the time when Dubliners go to the pubs. That is, in the bar area it is always very noisy and lively. Keep this in mind when formulating the idea of ​​shooting. If you are ready to pose in front of many people, ready to receive noisy congratulations, and do not mind a couple of unfamiliar people in the frame – everything is fine. But if you are looking for a more secluded atmosphere, it is better to choose another time. For example, early morning or noon, when most Dubliners are at work, is great.

Do you prefer outdoor photography in nature? This is not a problem in Dublin. There are many parks and gardens, arboretums, greenhouses, etc. There is also a magnificent Dublin National Botanical Garden. You have many options. But here’s something to keep in mind.

First, check the cost. Dublin has both paid and free locations. In paid ones, there are fewer visitors – which means there are fewer difficulties for taking pictures. But if you don’t need any additional expenses, you’d better choose a free location. All green areas in the city are neat and well cared for by gardeners. It’s good for a photo shoot, but on the other hand, you have to follow some rules. For example, there are lawns that cannot be walked on. For damage to some trees, you can get a fine. It is better to consult with the administration of the garden in which you are planning a photo session.

Second, pay attention to the weather. It’s not always comfortable. The best time to visit Dublin is from June to early September. The warm season lasts for three months, from June 14 to September 13, with maximum temperatures above 17 °C. The hottest month of the year in Dublin is July, with a maximum of 19 °C and a minimum of 12 °C. At this time it is warm, but not hot. But even in summer it is windy in Dublin, short and heavy rains are possible. The cool season lasts four months, from 17 November to 24 March, with a minimum temperature of 10 °C. The coldest month of the year in Dublin is February, with average temperature maximum of 3 °C and minimum of 8 °C. Dublin is comfortable in summer; winters are long, very cold and wet; and windy and partly cloudy all year round. So it is best to plan a wedding for the summer. But if you are going to have a photoshoot in winter or autumn, think about clothes and shoes. Also, think of a plan B if the weather fails. For example, you can arrange a photo session indoors.

An indoor photo shoot is a good option for any occasion. It can be organized in summer, winter, morning, evening – whenever you want. There are many old buildings in Dublin that can be rented for photography. The city has a program for the preservation of cultural heritage, so all the houses are in very good condition (both facades and interiors). Of course, you must follow certain rules. Each owner sets their own rules, and you sign a contract before you start taking pictures. But despite the strictness of the legislation, the Dubliners themselves are friendly, cheerful and always welcome guests from other countries. So your photography will be great – if, of course, you find a good location and photographer.

The best locations in Dublin

The capital of Ireland has many locations that are perfect for wedding photography. We will name only some of them – the most famous and popular.

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the main church in Ireland. At the end of the 19th century, the cathedral was restored. In the park next to the cathedral, you can look at the complex of bas-reliefs Parade of Writers.
  • National Museums of Ireland. Dublin is notable for culture and art, you will see this by visiting any of the National Museums of Ireland. We recommend visiting the National Gallery, where a painting by Caravaggio is kept.
  • Dublin Castle was the residence of the English kings. Now, high-level conferences and meetings are held here. The locals are very proud that Margaret Thatcher stayed here. The castle houses an excellent collection of art objects.
  • Skellig Michael. 12 km from the fishing village of Portmagee, there is a mysterious natural monument – Skellig Michael, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the 6th century, monks settled in this place and built an early Christian monastery on the top. Today it’s a place of seclusion, rare sightseeing and… well, a Star Wars filming location.
  • Powerscourt Gardens. Among the green Irish hills, waterfalls and valleys created by mother nature, there is a man-made miracle – the gardens of Powerscourt Manor.According to NAT GEO, it is the third-best piece of landscape art in the world. Powerscourt Gardens perfectly combine northern character and true noble beauty.

Don’t know what to prefere? Ask your photographer for advice!

Wedding photographers in Dublin

How to choose a photographer in Dublin? Here is a short guide.

  • He or she must live in Dublin.
  • He or she must have good equipment for the photo shoot.
  • The photographer must be a true professional with experience and a good portfolio.

On our site you will find your perfect photographer. The catalog contains a portfolio of specialists, detailed information about each of them and their phone numbers. Scroll through the catalog, choose a photographer and call. And let your photo shoot be amazing!

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