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Kao Asience Extra Rich Hair Mask Review

Kao Asience Hair Mask is an extremely effective and luxurious hair care product that is scientifically formulated to promote healthy hair growth and to support healthy skin. It features seven heavenly scents which help to rejuvenate, smooth and promotes healthy hair growth. Each one of these scents has been expertly blended together to deliver the perfect balance of relaxing properties; all you need to do is coat your hair with the Mask before you go to bed or during the day to reap its healing and refreshing power! It is suitable for all hair colors both long and short, as well as for those with dry skin. The silkiness and fine fibers of this mask give off a cool, refreshing feel when applied. You will feel less stiff and more pliable as you move about, and this effect will last all day.

Review of Kao Asience Extra Rich Hair Mask

This hair mask is amazing! I have long colored hair and it is very dry. This mask made a huge difference in the look and feel of my hair after the first use. After just one wash with this mask my hair was very soft, shiny and manageable. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has dry, damaged or color treated hair! – Sophie Richardson

I was so happy to find this hair mask! Not only does it smell amazing, but it left my hair feeling silky smooth and healthy. I also liked that it was made with natural ingredients. I would definately purchase this product again! – Tilly Kelly

I absolutely LOVE this hair mask! My hair has been exceptionally dry lately and I have tried many different products to help with the problem. This one works great. It is so easy to use – just leave it on in the shower for 5 minutes and then wash it out and your hair is silky soft. – Tegan Webb

Product Description

Kao Asience hair care products are developed with the latest scientific knowledge to provide healthy hair. This Extra Rich Hair Mask contains 8 natural ingredients, including malic acid, lactic acid and α- penetrates deep into the hair shaft to moisturize it and reduce damage caused by the environment. To supple hair that melts with your fingertips at the moment of washing, it contains natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter and olive oil. It also contains a large quantity of ingredients used in daily cosmetics such as silicon dioxide (a naturally-occurring mineral), nylon 6/6 which is a synthetic polyamide fibre.


1. Smoothen the hair and scalp with rich oil care nutrients.
2. Improve the texture of your hair to make you look gorgeous.
3. It reaches the scalp deeply, and it is made into a watery texture deeply, from an appearance to a touch.

How to Use

1. Cleanse the hair properly and use on the entire hair.
2. Leave it for an adequate time
3. Rinse thoroughly

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