5 Sneaky Ways To Wear Boots In Style

Let’s face it: There are some fashion rules that should never, ever be broken. Like, you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. You shouldn’t wear sweatpants on a first date. And you should never, ever, NEVER wear boots with a dress.

But… What if there was a way to get around the whole “never” thing? What if there were ways to wear boots with a dress without looking like you’re going to hug cows?

We don’t know about you readers, but we’re all about breaking the rules in style. And if you are too, then we have got five sneaky ways for you to rock boots with your favorite dress without looking frumpy.

1- Wear a blazer

That’s right. Just put on a blazer (or any fitted jacket) over your dress or skirt, and boom! You’ve achieved an instant fashionista look. Why? Because this looks intentional. It makes it look like maybe your dress is a casual dress you wouldn’t usually wear outside of work, so you put on a blazer to make it more appropriate for outside-the-office activities. But you can also do this if you are wearing something more formal—add a patterned blazer or something in unexpected colors (like hot pink).

2- Choose an over-the-knee boot

Going for a pair of women’s wide fit Biarritz boots is a surefire way to dress up any look. They are the perfect choice for adding some dazzle to your overall look, especially when paired with a short dress.

You can even pair these boots with a long dress. This effortlessly chic and classy effect will keep you looking stylish as you strut down the street in your killer new outfit.

You can browse a variety of women’s wide fit shoe boots online and get the one that matches your style.

3- Wear leggings

So, it’s a cold day, and you’re looking to wear boots with your dress. But somehow, that’s just not working. There is a solution for you: just put on some tights or leggings underneath it! This way, your legs won’t feel frozen during those long winter days because you won’t be exposed to certain spots like other girls who might wear dresses without anything under them.”

Leggings are a foolproof way to transition from the warm days of summer into the chilly days of fall without giving up on wearing dresses and boots.

4- Wear a baby dress

When it comes to wearing a dress with boots without looking frumpy, the baby doll dress is your best friend.

A baby doll dress is typically loose-fitting so that it won’t hug your body in any unflattering ways. Paired with some stylish boots, you’ve got a look that’s not just comfortable but effortlessly chic!

Here’s what we recommend: aim for a dress that fits above the knee—you want it to be loose but not so flexible that you’re sinking into fabric all day. Then slip on those boots and go!

5- Tuck the dress into your boots

The key to wearing a dress and boots without looking like a frumpy mess is tucking it.

Tucking in your dress creates a sleek line between it and your boots, which gives you more shape. More shape means less frump—and that’s what we all want!


So, there you have it! How to wear a dress with boots without looking frumpy.

The critical thing to remember is that the key to making sure you look your best is to use your sense of style and taste as a guide; focus on what you like and what makes you feel good, and don’t let yourself get bogged down in rules or measurements.

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