How to style your Gothic lolita dress

Gothic lolita is one of the most loved lolita sub-style. With its elegant ruffles, dark theme and colours, it has become a popular choice. If you want, You can click here to check out these gorgeous goth lolita outfits at the store.

Gothic lolita is itself a style but certain things can make your gothic lolita outfit even more stylish. Here is a timeline of those items:

Delicate yet well-fitted blouses, with detailing on cuffs and square collared or bowknot neckline, are the right option for gothic lolita. Only dark coloured blouses steer clear of heavy embellishments, would be suitable. Lacey and mesh blouses are common, however, one can also go with the chiffon or cotton blouses, depending on how the weather is. There is no restriction on full sleeves, sleeveless blouses are even more popular as they give a bolder look.

  • A petticoat

    to add the flair and volume

A Lolita dress is incomplete without a petticoat. To fully define the A-line or bell shape of the lolita dress, a petticoat is a must. A Black or any dark coloured ruffled petticoat will give your dress more volume.

  • Wear a corset over the dress to showcase your style

The main idea of wearing a corset over the gothic lolita dress is to flaunt the beautiful waist and shape of your body. To match the corset with the gothic theme, pick a lace-up or buckle up corset or belt.

  • Over the knee stockings are the best fit

In gothic lolita, over the knee stockings are preferred to show modesty. One can choose Lace-up, mesh or opaque stockings of dark colours. To add more gothic elements, you can pick tights or stockings embellished with crosses, bats and other elements.

  • Boots and platforms will elevate your style game

Shoes play the most important role in Styling. In gothic lolita “black” is the main colour, so you have to choose either black or at least dark coloured shoes. As gothic lolita depicts a fashionable side of your personality, the knee-high boots or platforms will make you look more smart and stylish. Choose lace-up or buckled boots to maintain a slim silhouette of your legs. One can add extra buckles, chains or crosses to give a more gothic vibe.

  • Choose Hats and headbands as hair accessories

A good hairstyle can enhance your look and grab the attention of others, so spending some money on hair accessories would never be a loss. To complete your gothic lolita look, you can use a wig or style your hair either by curling or leaving them straight down. With a gothic lolita dress, the most popular hair accessories are black coloured tiny hats or embellished headbands. Try to pick a hair accessory that suits your hairstyle.

  • Add a dapper jacket to your outfit

For winters you can pick a gothic jacket with buckles and pins or a lolita coat that will fit your body and add more cuteness to your outfit.

  • Opt for dark lips and smokey eyes

Lolita wearers usually go with the natural make-up look. However, gothic Lolita has also some other options like smokey eyes with dark red lipstick, which might be a good choice to create a Halloween look.

  • Lace jewellery and elaborated purse will add more fun

Another thing that can symbolize elegance and femininity is jewellery. lace jewellery with gothic symbols and gemstones can elevate your look. Most gothic lolita love to wear lace gloves, ring bracelets, chokers and pendants with gothic symbols.

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