5 Essential Items You Need When Your Baby Becomes a Toddler

It is a joy to have a baby in the house. However, it is also a ton of work, and you will be surprised at the amount of mess a baby can create, especially when they become mobile. Even when the baby turns one, the house is even messier, and this little human can get on your nerves. You need some things in the house when your baby reaches the one-year mark. We will briefly discuss five of them in this article.

A Car Seat

A quality car seat is something you should not gamble on. You need to ensure your kid will be safe even in an unfortunate event of a car crash. Babies move around a lot, and you must keep them in one place when driving. You may not know, but some car seats have expiry dates. So, check yourself and get a new one suitable for a one-year-old. When you buy one, educate yourself on how to use it to ensure your kid is properly strapped.


Consider the best tencel lyocell fabric for babies as it is one of the most comfortable for a baby’s skin. Your toddler should have enough clothes right, or their age and weather. At one year, the baby will be moving a lot. That means they easily get dirty. The baby does not know how to walk well or feed themselves. Therefore, you might as well get ready with enough cloth essentials. The baby will also be growing up at a fast rate. So, make sure you have enough clothes for their next stage.

Safety Items

Many things might go wrong in the house now that your baby can move around. You should be keen to ensure your baby is safe. Now that the baby is learning how to walk, get them one walker from the many baby walkers online. You also need to install safety equipment around the house. Put rubbers on the corners of the tables and secure heavy items like the TV or dresser.


This is another obvious point, but also an important one to consider. Unless you want to keep dealing with the baby’s mess, ensure your baby has enough diapers and tons of them. There are numerous options, from disposable to washable diapers. The choice is yours. Your baby may continue using five diapers a day even at one year. Therefore, stack them and don’t forget the wipers.

Toys and Books

Your baby’s mind requires stimulation to develop. So, buy toys and books appropriate for their age. The good news is that the market has numerous fancy toy options to help develop your toddler’s motor skills. The way your baby plays will change with time. So, have various toys and books to ensure your baby can continue enjoying.

Final Thoughts!

These are basic items you need by the time your baby turns one. Ensure you stack enough diapers and age-appropriate clothes. You also need to keep your house safe for the kid and buy her books and toys to facilitate her development. There will be a lot of mess, but the joy of having the kid around is incomparable.

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