Simple Tips for Promoting Your Restaurant Instagram Account

Social networks, in addition to a resource for communication, also serve as an effective marketing tool. One of the rapidly growing social networks is Instagram.

People take pictures of food and that’s a fact. A huge number of such people post their photos on this platform. Therefore, the question of whether or not to be restaurants, cafes, bars, on Instagram is not even worth it. You are already waiting!

Proper account management by a restaurant is an effective channel for retaining, returning, attracting new guests and, ultimately, increasing cash. If ordinary bloggers just buy Instagram likes and that’s enough for them, then it takes a lot of effort to promote a restaurant to make users become customers.

Simple tips to promote a restaurant

Post beautiful photos

They should be bright, beautiful and professional. There are a lot of opinions about the popularity of a particular photo on the Internet (photos with the original color scheme show the best results, it is better to publish photos with no filter, users like photos with people’s faces more actively, etc.). There is no single correct solution. To use filters for processing photos or not is a purely individual matter. Experiment!

Write short, interesting and humorous

Say no to long texts and voluminous press releases about the establishment. In most social networks, people no longer read texts longer than 600 characters. If you write long complex texts, then you will have to buy real Instagram likes for each post.

Think over a content plan, write interesting, varied posts, start headings and, of course, take into account the habits of your guests (breakfast and coffee in the morning, business lunch in the afternoon, etc.). A simple good morning wish is not interesting to anyone, there must be a story. Write clearly, to the point, but with humor.

No more than 30% of advertising posts for dishes, posters for promotions, events, menus. The rest is for fun and dialog. Turn on your fantasy!

Post cool video

A few years ago, Instagram users got the opportunity to shoot and post short videos (up to 15 seconds). However, do not rush. Video content on the platform shows, on average, lower engagement rates. While photos stimulate a lot of activity, videos are just getting started.

Shoot short videos about the restaurant, competitions from events hosted by your incendiary host, show off your chef, tell us how you prepare your signature dish or drink. In order for the video to work, it must be very cool and must be about your establishment.

Help guests find you on Instagram

Let people know if you have an account! Give your guest something tasty from the menu, and he will be happy to share information about you with friends, write a hashtag on the walls, print your account on the menu, on checks, place information about the competition on table tents.

A photo of a cappuccino and a croissant in the morning in a coffee shop account can provoke subscribers to follow them to this coffee shop, because people see how delicious and comfortable it is there. There are also contest mechanics that will attract additional guest flows to your establishment. But this is a topic for a separate article.

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