Mobile Massage: It’s About Time The World Knows

Let me tell you about my week, you don’t regret it. A friend of mine told me about mobile massage, she’s a regular to massage therapy and she loves it. I have to be honest, I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m quite active and social, I go to a massage spa 1-2 a year. It made me think if I don’t know about mobile massage therapy, how many others don’t know?

A few days later, I visit the company’s website my friend shared with me. That company is Soothe – they provide at-home massage services. I was going through their app to book my massage and found out they can have a professional massage therapist at my home in just an hour. I’m telling you here and now, that’s amazing – good luck getting me to leave my home ever again. You may have heard the name before, they actually have several celebrity clients that have talked highly about their services. Yeah, I do my due diligence and homework. Overall, they’re highly recommended, plus my friend sent me so I knew I could trust them.

I went through the booking process, super easy, scheduled my massage and at the time I chose, my massage therapist was at the door. She was very professional from the second she walked in. I did make sure she had plenty of room to work in the home, we have a room that is 12X14 – plenty of room to set up the massage table and work on me.

Of course, the best part was the massage and experience. Soft music was played, I opted for the Swedish massage, just an amazing time. They actually offer a number of different massage types, such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, chair massage, prenatal massage, and a few others I saw on the app. They even offered an upgrade of a hot stone massage – I thought about it for a second. Maybe next time.

Something I have become familiar with is how massage can help you body, mind, and soul. I’m a firm believer in that. Stress can be harmful, women stress out a lot, it’s nice to take a hour for yourself and unwind. Research has shown that massage can improve blood circulation, this can help relieve pain in certain areas of the body. The whole process was easy and I’d recommend it to anyone. While I am female, men get massages to. It’s not a girl only proposition – many men need it as much as the next.

I’m still shocked by how many people don’t know mobile massage is a thing. If they did, I’m sure they’d receive many more inquiries about their massage services. When I went back to work and talked to our internal team, only 1 of 8 knew about on-demand massage. All of them knew you could go to a spa massage, but only one knew you could get massage delivered to your home.

That’s why we have to spread the word, tell your friends, mobile massage is a thing and there’s nothing like getting a professional massage in the comfort of your home.

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