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Indulge In Self-love with Exfoliating Gloves

Do you suffer from body acne? Do you suffer from ingrown hairs? Are you tired of using various skin products with almost no results?

If the answer is “Yes”, it raises a red flag that you must take this matter into your own hands. It’s time to admit that your bathing regimen lacks a super easy-to-use tool of the nonce, exfoliation gloves.

This post will interpret the various aspects of incorporating exfoliating gloves into your skincare regimen. By the time you end exclusive reading of this post, buying exfoliating gloves benefits will be hard as nails.

When it comes to our skin, exfoliation plays a pivotal role. Having chalky, dull, and flaky skin during snowflake and jungle-bells season happens only when layers of dead skin cells pile up on our skin.

Why do we need to Exfoliate?

The process of cell regeneration slows down, as we age. This indicates our body is slower to shed old skin cells and catalyze new ones. Exfoliation breaks down dead skin cells and removes them from the uppermost layer of the skin. In this way, it helps to unclog skin pores and reveals healthy new skin cells adding a smooth shiny appearance.

Most of our beauty cabinets are filled with chemical exfoliators to physical exfoliators for our face while neglecting our body. As we do not exfoliate our body it remains consistently covered in flakes. Despite the fact, skin covers the many square feet of our body, we disregard body exfoliation.

Why Exfoliate the whole body?

The exfoliation of the body holds the same benefits as exfoliation of the face. Moreover, body exfoliation stimulates and increases blood circulation in the entire body. The result is healthier, glowy skin revealing the new skin more nourished and hydrated.

The exfoliation of the body implies different rules. Our body skin is different from face skin as it is thicker and drier without oil glands. With the season’s greetings of the year, our body gets drier and needs exfoliation. Chemical and physical exfoliators can be harsh and rough for sensitive skin, exfoliating gloves can prove to be the right decision.

What are the benefits of exfoliating gloves?

This skincare easy-to-use tool is a must for your bathroom. To use exfoliating gloves the bare necessity is water. Let’s count the benefits it lends to our body skincare:

Helps to free and prevent Ingrown hair

When a shaved or plucked hair follicle regrows into the skin, an ingrown hair condition occurs. This ingrown hair condition can induce inflammation, itchiness, and numerous bumps in the area where the hair was removed. Applying warm compress exfoliating gloves will reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs by scrubbing off dead cells and dirt within the skin.

Reduces the look of keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a benign skin condition, also termed chicken skin. It isn’t amazing nor appealing to look at. Keratosis Pilaris is a genetic skin condition characterized by tiny bumps and dry, rough patches. It is caused by extra keratin in your skin, leading to dead skin cells plugging hair follicles.KP is most commonly found on arms, legs, and thighs.

Regular exfoliation with exfoliating gloves can help improve the skin texture. Dermatologists endorse the gentle removal of dead skin with tools like exfoliating gloves to help minimize the appearance of bumps.

Helps fight acne, breakouts, and blackheads

Exfoliation helps to prevent acne breakouts whether it is mild or more severe. Acne appears when skin pores are clogged with impurities. Gentle exfoliation helps to unclog enlarged pores and discards dead skin cells from the epidermis. This keeps acne in control. Regular use of exfoliating gloves for scrubbing your skin will make it more resistant to acne breakouts.

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation

Pigmentation pertains to skin tone. It usually darkens the skin tone for various reasons as the root cause. Although these dark spots are stubborn to go but using exfoliating gloves can help to diminish the appearance of skin pigmentation, dead skin cells. Exfoliation gloves will provide a more even skin tone to your body.

Deeply exfoliates the skin

Exfoliating gloves will help to scrub off the dirt, dead skin, improving the texture of the skin. Your body will feel cleansed directly after bathing with them. Using exfoliating gloves will help to deeply exfoliate the body.

Aids lymphatic system

Using exfoliating gloves for exfoliating the body helps oxygenate cells that boost health to reveal radiant and glowy skin. It also aids healthy blood flow leaving the body re-energized and invigorated. It detoxifies the body as it assists to eliminate toxins through the skin.

Helps other skincare products to penetrate deeper

After exfoliation, body pores are unclogged and the surface of the skin is now smoothed from dead and dry skin. Now, your skincare products such as moisturizer, toner, or body lotion can penetrate more deeply. It means you will experience far better results from any product you use to treat the skin.

Holds Amazing anti-aging benefits

Regular exfoliation of the body is beneficial in fighting signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating our bodies will keep the mature skin looking more youthful as it will remove dead skin cells, increase new cell turnover, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. If you are battling with aging signs then incorporate exfoliating gloves in the bathing ritual.

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Although there isn’t anything that can make you get rid of cellulite but exfoliation can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite usually appears on the booty, belly, and legs. We endorse the routine of exfoliating gloves that will aid to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. This extensive body exfoliation eliminates layers of dead skin cells and generates elastin.

Helps to purify and brighten the complexion

Since exfoliation involves dissolving old skin cells, unveiling new skin cells, hence helps to brighten the skin while encouraging new skin cells to increase and develop. It naturally eliminates dry skin and reveals brighter, more radiant skin.

Aims to Boost self-love and confidence

As exfoliation will help you achieve unclogged, brighter and smooth skin, you may fall in love with your skin once again. Why not! Beauty is admiring yourself in your skin, adding confidence to your persona.

How to use exfoliating gloves?

Using exfoliating gloves is convenient and super easy to use.

STEP 1. Soak your body for 5-10 minutes in a hot shower/bath to soften your skin. Do not use any soap, shower gel.

STEP 2. Wet your glove and squeeze out excess water, leaving them slightly damp.

STEP 3. Remove your body from the water and ensure your skin is damp, not excessively wet. Exfoliate with long firm strokes using your palm.

STEP 4. Towel dry your body and immediately moisturize your skin. Never skip this step as moisturizing will not only keep your skin smooth and supple but also provide protection to new skin cells that they need.

STEP 5. Hang your gloves to let them dry.

Bottom Line

From a pampering ritual to self-improvement, skincare is key to self-love. And your skincare shouldn’t merely prioritize face beauty rather maintain a radiant and healthy skin of your body too. Our exfoliating gloves pampers your body while making you feel good. Indulge in self-love with this skincare tool for ultimate health and body hygiene goals.


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