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Face Yoga for a Natural Facelift

Aging is a natural human phenomenon yet most people fear aging. In fact, women from around the globe try different products just to reduce the impact of aging. Right, from the saggy skin to the eye bags, uneven skin tone, and grey hair you will see remedies for almost everything nowadays. With all these cosmetics on the market, people are finding it hard to figure out what will suit them best, this hassle and the new era of beauty transformation has raised skepticism among men and women. They now try to hide their facial texture with the help of filters that smooth out the extra wrinkles, saggy skin, or fine lines that make you look older. This obsession is getting to a point where people are now not even afraid of going under a knife. Botox, fillers, and extreme surgeries are helping people to reduce the impact of aging as well. However, in most cases when the skin is filled with these fillers and Botox, the skin loses its natural flexibility and you will lose the natural expressions of your face. As a result, you will look like plastic and get the ugly cry face that we all dread.

How Beauty Standards Are Pushing People For Extreme Measures?

In most cases, people claim that this has more to do with the recent social media phenomenon but if we look at the history we will see that plastic surgeons were top tier even when social media was not around. However, with the hype on social media and the rise of a generation with the main focus on external beauty, almost everyone is seeking remedy and they want to get rid of these fine lines. Where most people are thinking only about spending money on experienced medical procedures, medications, and whatnot, experts are saying they have a remedy that is natural and it can help.

With the help of this article, we will talk about yoga exercises especially face yoga that can help you train your face muscles. We will look at some of the simple face yoga exercises that can reduce the chance of saggy skin and give your face a natural facelift by improving the overall elasticity of your skin.

Forehead and Eyebrow Lift

This is a simple yoga process that consists of three main exercises. You will be able to see improvement in wrinkles between your eyebrows and you will also be able to give your eyebrows a natural start off you will simply use your two fingers and place them between the two eyebrows. Now gently stretch the skin between the eyebrows. Keep doing it and then pause. Once you have done it for at least a few minutes now is the time to massage your skin. You need just one index finger and place it in between your eyebrows. Now move your finger in a circular motion. Finally, you need to do the basic 11 pinch technique where you will pinch your eyebrows with both hands and count to eleven

Eye Lift

This is an easy exercise where you will start by gently massaging the area around your eyes. The message needs to consist of a simply touching process. This will help in improving the blood circulation which will trigger the overall healing process. The second phase of the exercise is where you will start with a circular masse around the eye. You need to start with the bottom and move your hands in a circular motion. Keep doing it for at least 2 minutes. This is good for the lift but also very good for the healing near the area. Finally, you will have to stretch your eye corner and pull the skin to the ends of your forehead.

Cheek and Jaw Lift

This is another very simple yoga and exercise routine. You will start by placing the fingers on your laugh line and then gently press it and message it. This will improve the blood circulation and you will trigger the healing. Now that you have triggered healing you can move to the jaw area where you will use your hands to push the toxins to the sides. Finally, complete it off with the help of a simple side-by-side exercise where you will start from the middle of the neck and move it all the way to the side near the ears.

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Bottom Line

To sum it all up, everything that is connected to the human body has a remedy in nature. Rather than spending millions on skin products and surgical procedures, you need to improve your diet as well as some basic exercises. Most people try cold water splashes which is a great way to improve the texture of your skin. You will get instantly closed pores along with better skin texture. Apart from this, yoga helps in improving the blood circulation which improves healing and you will get rid of scars as well. In case you have skin-related issues, you will see improvement in that as well. The best thing so far is that people who face issues linked with a chubby face, double chin, or skin fat can use yoga to improve their facial structure as well. Although yoga doesn’t allow you to alter the bone structure overall muscle movement and the structure will be improved with just a few minutes of daily workout.

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