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WTOB shampoo Review: White to Black Shampoo

You spend a lot of money on your hair and you want it to look and feel healthy and beautiful. But, with the way your scalp reacts to treatments like bleach and dye, it can be difficult for your hair to maintain its natural color. In this article, we will review whether or not White to Black shampoo is the solution that you need.

White to Black Shampoo Review Intro

I received this bottle of White to Black Shampoo by IT Cosmetics as a gift and I was very excited to use it for my first time. Upon first use, I came away impressed and happy with the outcome. The formula is gentle on the hair and scalp and it leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable after washing.

How does White to Black Shampoo work?

White to Black Shampoo contains a revolutionary weight loss ingredient called Turmeric which has been used for centuries to detoxify, treat arthritis, and more. This shampoo helps the body shed fat much faster than any other methods.

Experiences from our own reviewers

I love this shampoo. I feel like my hair is getting the moisture it needs every time I use it. It has a nice natural smell too. We received white to black shampoo from our sponsors and we have been giving it a try. It has been one of the most interesting reviews that we have done because it involves a white shampoo to make your hair dark brown. There is a lot of information about this product on the internet, but not much is out there in terms of personal experience.

Tips to use the product easily

This shampoo lathers and cleans deeply without stripping or irritating your skin. It is gentle and doesn’t irritate the scalp and hair shafts. The shampoo and conditioner work well together.

Benefits from using the product for a long time

I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now and my hair has looked great. A few cons of the product are that it does not have a strong smell, is difficult to get out of the bottle, and is very thick.


I decided to run a test with a white to a black shampoo that I had found on Amazon. My wife and I used the shampoo, washed our hair with it, decided to go out for a night on the town and see what would happen.

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