Why You Need Snow Goggles: Buying Guide

We all love the thrill of skiing, don’t we? However, this exciting activity calls for safety measures. That’s when snow goggles come into the picture.

However, a snow goggle that is not of the right size or the wrong colour can ruin your day in no time. Besides this, there are many other things that one should consider before buying a snow goggle.

In this article, you will get a helpful buying guide and other exciting things about snow goggles.

Why Do You Need a Snow Goggle?

The primary purpose of a snow goggle is to protect against strong winds and snow. It allows you to have a hassle-free skiing experience.

Hence, when paired with a ski helmet, the goggles provide excellent all-around protection and excellent fit. Some glasses are equipped with double-layer lenses to give an additional anti-fog barrier. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and clean.

Goggles with dark lenses minimise reflected glare, allowing you to ski on sunny days without squinting or hurting your eyes.

So, you will not have to suffer because of any vision-related obstruction if you wear the snow glasses.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Snow Goggle

When you buy a new pair of ski goggles, there are many factors to consider, from different lenses to how they are installed on the helmet. However, only the critical aspects are covered here, have a look-

Lens Colour

The lens colour affects the visibility considerably. Brown, grey, and copper-coloured lenses reduce visibility, making them ideal for driving in clear skies.


Although it is perfectly acceptable to choose snowboard goggles depending on the style, making sure they are the right size will be the key to enjoying your time on the slopes.

Lens Type

If you want to ski in any weather, you can sport interchangeable lens glasses or fashionable photochromic lenses that adjust to changing light.

Look for ski goggles with quality lenses, anti-fog features, and a lens tint that matches your normal skiing conditions.  You can also consider glasses with photochromic lenses. These lenses will automatically brighten or darken when the light changes.

Interchangeable Lens

Many glasses are interchangeable and usually come with two sets of lenses, one for bright and low light conditions. Some ski goggles are equipped with interchangeable lenses that allow skiers/snowboarders to change the lens of their goggles based on lighting conditions.

Double Lenses

If you are serious about skiing or snowboarding, you need to buy goggles with two lenses.

The outer lens protects from the sun, and the inner lens prevents fogging. There exists an anti-fog coating on the inner lens, so if you clean this coating, your glasses will almost certainly fog up.

Trying Them Out

Different manufacturers offer different shapes of glasses, so always try before buying. It’s essential to try on your glasses before heading out onto the slopes. It will help you ensure that you not only like the colour or style but also the fit.

Summing Up

Many factors, including lens colour and construction, ventilation, size, fit, and materials, affect the performance and price of glasses. Choosing the right snow goggles is very important for skiing on the slopes. The above guide will help you in choosing the right type of goggles for yourself.

Now that you know what you need to look for, you can relax and enjoy skiing.

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