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E-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon revolutionized consumers’ way of shopping. From a needle to an air conditioner, everything can be ordered online. Nowadays, the product is delivered right at your doorstep within hours. However, this convenience becomes a menace when you find out that your package has been stolen during transit. Package theft has become a growing problem in the US. According to C+R research, 36% of the respondents claimed that their package had been stolen at least once. The study also stated the preventive measures taken by online consumers to avoid package theft.

Package Theft – US Statistics

According to the Package Theft Statistics Report, 44% of the respondents received a package every week in the last two years. On average, the respondents said that they received approximately 45 packages per annum. The Amazon Prime members said they received 51, whereas the non-members said they received 25 packages per annum. It has been seen that the package thieves, also known as the “porch pirates,” see an Amazon package as a ripe opportunity to steal. More than one-third of the respondents were the victims of package theft. 44% said that their packages had stolen twice.

83% of the victims said they contacted the seller or Amazon and told them that their package had been stolen. However, only 13% reached the police. Fortunately, 83% of them got a refund. Sadly only 11% said that the thief was caught. While this issue’s investigation, it was revealed that smaller packages were stolen mostly. These included smaller items such as gadgets, cosmetics such as lipsticks packages, wholesale eyelash packages, kitchen utensils, etc. The list is not exhaustive.   

Theft Prevention of Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

To prevent themselves from further thefts, the respondents took some precautionary measures. They installed doorbell cameras such as Ring, Vivint, or Google Nest. This allowed them to record the footage 24/7, which deterred would-be thieves. However, this turned out to be one pricey preventive measure that everybody could not afford. Therefore, some respondents went for Amazon’s Smart Lock Kit. This allowed the delivery personnel to leave a package in your home after gaining access from the respondent. 40% said they avoided buying expensive items online.

Holiday Season Package Theft

The porch pirates gear up when the holiday season comes around. Most of the people say that the stolen package ruins the holiday buzz. During the holiday season, everything is packaged so attractively beautifully in honor of the season. The packaging companies such as The Legacy Printing work hard to make the packaging beautiful and ornamented. Be it a cosmetic item or a household item, the women increase online shopping to enhance the looks of themselves and their homes. Beauty items such as hair styling tools, makeup items, and look enhancing makeup accessories such as custom eyelash boxes with logo come among the top shopped items in the holiday season. Due to the size, the package can easily get stolen. Therefore, this year we suggest you take all the precautionary measures to prevent yourself from package theft. If you are not at home to receive your package, get it delivered at your workplace or a relative’s or friend. Opt for an in-store pick if you do not want to receive it at your workplace. Always opt in to require a signature for deliveries.    

No matter how you choose to shop, always take precautions, and utilize security features to avoid any mishap in the season of joy.



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