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Vvd Gold Pure Coconut Oil Review

Vvd Gold Pure Coconut Oil is a liquid concentrate designed to be applied directly onto scalp to provide long-lasting moisture and tame dandruff effectively while leaving your hair feeling shiny and healthy. Coconut oil is well known for its powerful antimicrobial properties which makes it an excellent cure for seborrheic dermatitis (eczema) and other soil-based infections. This unique formula contains no additives or preservatives and is suitable for all hair types including fine, coarse or coarse. That improves the health of your hair by promoting healthy skin, preventing hair loss, removing dead skin cells and promoting overall hair growth.It gives your hair a protective coating that prevents breakage and enhances the life of each strand by protecting against moisture loss.

Review of Vvd Gold Pure Coconut Oil

I would like to express my gratitude for the product. I have been using this product since two weeks after my hair was damaged from bleaching and coloring. It has helped me get my hair back on track to growing healthy and strong. I am so excited because I am a few inches away from my goal length! -Hollie Bruce

We love the product and the company. The VVD gold coconut oil is fantastic for my wife’s hair loss. Prior to using the coconut oil, her hair was thinning out a lot. Her hair loss has been stopped now. I had dandruff, since using the oil there has been a significant improvement in my dandruff condition. We are very pleased and will continue to use it. – Alex Bailey

Coconut oil has been recognized as one of the miracle oils and the benefits for hair care are endless. It is important to get an extra virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed and unrefined to get all the benefits, like VDGold™ 100% Pure Coconut Oil. I love that it is USDA organic certified, non-gmo verified, gluten free and non-hydrogenated. – Matilda O’Sullivan

Product Descriptions

Vvd Gold Pure Coconut oil is 100 percent pure, natural and organic. It is cold-pressed and extracted by mechanical methods so there is no exposure to high or ultra high temperatures. This ensures that all the nutritional values and medicinal properties are retained in the oil. VvD Coconut oil not only provides nourishment for the hair but also for the whole body, hence its multi-use function. It helps restore elasticity to dry or damaged hair by helping restructure the hair shaft (which tends to break easily because of poor elasticity). Our formula will help increase hair strength.


1. Coconut oil helps to restructure the hair
2. Increases hair strength
3. Prevents protein loss
4. Improves shine

How to Use

1. Apply a bit of vvd gold pure coconut oil to your hair (a little goes a long way)
2. Massage vvd gold pure coconut oil to all the hair and scalp.
3. Leave on for one hour

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