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List Of Services And Treatments Covered Under Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a type of dental care that aims to improve the appearance and health of teeth, such as straightening crooked or chipped teeth, correcting gaps between teeth, adding dental fillings for tooth discoloration, and removing stains from teeth. These procedures are becoming more common to get a beautiful smile and white-clear teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry also includes bonding, a procedure in which composite resin material is applied to natural tooth surfaces or to prepared surfaces where filling material is not there. Few other popular treatments under cosmetic dentistry are detailed here:

It is a solution to replace or restore teeth that have been damaged, missing, or decayed. Implants may replace single teeth, crowded teeth, and dentures. Implants can help restore the function of an entire tooth and an individual tooth only. Implants are a significant process to get an artificial replacement for your missing tooth. Based on the number of missing teeth, the time of getting an implant also varies.

  • Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a less invasive and more precise method of extracting stains from teeth. If you have a cavity on incisors or canines that is visible upfront, laser filling is perfect for getting a natural look. Root canals, gum treatments, fillings, and tooth whitening are all simple forms of laser dentistry to whiten teeth. Just look for a genuine cosmetic dentist near meand you will get the best possible treatments.

  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening are an effective method of improving the appearance of stained teeth. Teeth whitening can be a safe, painless tooth bleaching procedure that helps restore a brighter smile to patients by removing stains and discoloration from their teeth. A complete leave-in treatment that will give you whiter teeth is over in just three hours. Your dentist will also be able to share with your some healthy habits to ensure regular cleaning of your teeth.

  • Crowns

A tooth crown is a shell of porcelain, metal, or plastic covering the entire exposed portion of the tooth root. Crowns help to protect teeth during routine dental care, cover significant tooth decay, repair a large cavity, and restore missing teeth. For routine dental care, your dentist will recommend you to have a regular preventive dental checkup and if you have cavities or missing teeth, then have them restored or replaced by a crown.

  • Impression

An impression is a replica of the tooth surface used for dental prosthetics such as crowns and bridges in dentistry. Dental images help create models for therapeutic and prosthetic applications such as crowns, bridges, and dentures when making. Before starting the impression begins, preparation of the tooth is essential where the restoration is done. The repair will also need to be colored to determine which shade matches your natural teeth color.

Cosmetic Dentistry is not only used for teeth whitening or to restore the function of a tooth but also to improve your appearance. Although cosmetic dentistry is an advanced form of dentistry, it often requires comprehensive care and attention. Your dentist and other dental specialists usually restore teeth.


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