Timeless Jewelry Pieces Every Women In 30s Must Own

“Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply the icing on the cake.” -Misty Burgess.

Infusing jewelry into your attire is an effortless way to express yourself. It enhances your style by adding a unique charisma or appeal to it. Plus, you can upgrade your basic outfit in an instant using different statement pieces.

With that being said, selecting an ideal statement piece for your outfits can become an overwhelming task. You might wish to slay your OOTD while also wishing to feel comfortable throughout the day. And if you are a woman in your early 30s (or beyond), comfort becomes more important than looking styling. Therefore, in this article, we’ve compiled timeless pieces you must own that complement all your attire no matter what!

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are known to be a female’s best friend. So, it’s quite apparent that you have to have one (or more) diamond accessories in your collection. And why not? This elegant stone symbolizes strength, love, and health- perfect for showering yourself with some love and adoration. If you don’t have any diamond accessories, a ring would be an ideal investment. You can find beautiful designs in the women’s diamond rings collection. If you are comfortable wearing rings for everyday tasks, it is recommended to look for simple designs. Otherwise, you can go all out with different designs depending on cut, clarity, and carat.

Gold Necklace

Another accessory to add to your collection is a gold necklace. They are the definition of timeless pieces- no matter what decade or place you are in; you are likely to find people wearing gold accessories to add a little sparkle to the attire. If you are looking for something minimalistic, you can consider getting a gold necklace. On the other hand, for a bold look, you can layer different designs and sizes of chains to create your unique style. It is also a perfect gift for your beloved family and friends, regardless of the occasion.

Silver Bracelet

Silver accessories nowadays are often associated with fashion, pop culture, and the Gen-Z lifestyle. However, it can be much more meaningful, representing certain emotions or memories. For instance, a silver bracelet could represent the beautiful bond between you and your mother. Silver accessories are quite simple, adorning every type of outfit and occasion. The best part is that it is generally affordable. So, silver is your savior if you are looking for jewelry within your budget.

Pearl Earrings

Finally, you should have pearl accessories in your collection. This natural gemstone is available in different sizes and shapes, adding the “WOW” factor to your style. You can get pearl earrings, especially if you often go to parties or get-togethers. It could be worn with just about anything adding irresistible elegance. Perhaps, a string of pearls and earrings can become your statement piece for special occasions. They are durable, so you need not worry about accessories getting damaged, even if you wear them on a regular basis.

Wrapping It All Up

Accessories, no matter how small or big, can make you look perfect for every occasion. The timeless diamond jewelry pieces mentioned above will help add diversity to your collection and complement your lifestyle.

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