TikTok Fashion Trends Everyone is Talking About Right Now

Are you one of those TikTok users who doesn’t love watching dance moves, duets, and voice-overs on your For You page? Then there’s a good chance your feed is full of fun fashion trends.

We love that the social media app provides outfit inspo and fashion advice. Here are some of the major TikTok fashion trends these days, whether you are eager to try them out as the dances you have seen while browsing or you’d rather stick to the basics.

Longer-length shorts

Everyone loves a pair of short shorts every once in a while, particularly during the summer. Nonetheless, longer-length shorts that feel familiar to the Bermuda shorts of your youth are having a comeback these days, thanks to TikTok fashion.

The perks of this style are manifold, from being flattering on different body types and being more school-appropriate.

To rock this style, everything is about balance. Consider the lengths of the pieces you rock on the top half and your shoes before throwing a pair on. If you doubt, check your TikTok feed to learn how other folks are nailing this fashion trend.

Cargo pants

Y2k fashion has not gone anywhere yet in 2022. The cargo pants trend is the only evidence you need. Plenty of pockets are the answer to this trend, whether they serve the purpose or not.

Low or high-waisted cargo pants in each color are taking over. Thus, grab yourself a pair and enjoy that this is at least a fairly comfortable and functional style to pull off.

Coastal Grandmother aesthetic

Match your wide-leg trousers with a classic button-down shirt, and you are on your way to perfecting the TikTok fashion trend referred to as coastal grandmother chic.

You had possibly seen this aesthetic look before, even if you did not realize it. It is all about portraying that idealistic strolling-with-the-beach-during-my-summer-in-the-Hamptons vibe.

Also, it is a timeless look that does not make you look granny-like or old. This fashion trend is about easy breathable layers, soft colors, and comfort—things that look great in any wardrobe.

Wide-leg trousers

Capsule wardrobes are everywhere on TikTok this year, and wide-leg trousers or pants are one of the year’s major trends. The coolest thing about this TikTok fashion trend is that it is not just flattering on all body types but also a classic style you can transition throughout seasons, from formal to casual wear.

Consider faux leather pants for the fall and winter months or flowy cotton trousers for summer with more structure. All items can be matched with an endless combination of tops, accessories, and outerwear for endless versatility.


Y2K fashion officially reached its peak with the blockbuster comeback of the miniskirt. Are you searching for the ideal pairing to wear with your platform boots? This TikTok fashion trend might not be school dress-code friendly, but it’s a certain fun piece to wear along with your favorite tops.

What’s more, they come in all shapes and forms possible, from ultra-mini to high-waisted. You are certain to find one that fits you best.

Bridgerton-worthy styles

Baby doll dresses, long skirts, and corsets—Netflix series Bridgerton has not only taken over the screens but has also taken over people’s wardrobes, and TikTok cannot get enough.

You can try a cute mini corset-style top matched with a blazer or denim, or even a long floral skirt with edge boots for a mix of textures and a chic play on femininity.


Are you trying to give yourself some boost in the height department? Perhaps you like to keep up with all the major TikTok fashion trends today. If that’s the case, platforms are your hot ticket.

But if you’re not ready to go with the platform boots, you can always keep it low-key by trying out Chelsea boots or a small platform espadrille. Make sure to practice walking around in them before you nail them at your next social gathering.


Cutout season is finally here, from a hint of your abs showing from your modest dress to a cheeky bit of shoulder skin peeking from your sweater. This TikTok fashion trend has ruled over TikTok in the past months, and it is not difficult to learn why when you consider its versatility.

Cutouts are everywhere, from the fast-fashion rages of SHEIN to high fashion runways. That means there is a good chance that you will be seeing this style around for a little while.

Matching sets

Are you the type of person who struggles to choose a top and bottom that work seamlessly together? You are not alone. Fortunately, matching sets do all the hard work on your behalf.

Think crop tops matched with matching shorts, bell bottoms, and even maxi skirts in all your all-time favorite colors. It is the ideal way to show off your matching set!

Retro sunglasses

The ‘90s are finally back in more ways than once, such as with your eyewear. From vintage shapes like outstanding 2022 Gucci eyewear to barely giving your eyes any coverage to oversized academic-looking spectacles that you can barely fit in your bag, what was once sought old is now new again with this TikTok fashion trend.

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are not just flattering on any figure, but they are a cute way to dress up your chunky sneakers and sweatshirts you have been nailing for months.

Vest tops

Another cool TikTok fashion trend is the vest top. Nonetheless, these vests have gotten a bit less chunky and cropped as we move towards the summer-like weather. This is ideal for the change in season as everything starts to heat up.

Catsuit-style jumpsuits

This super-sexy style mixes the power of a jumpsuit with the added edginess given by the right fit. However, the goodness of this TikTok fashion trend comes down to how uniquely it can be worn.

From glittery numbers that might be Oscar-worthy to athleisure-friendly styles, it is a bold look that could work for nearly anyone bold enough to try it.

Which of these TikTok fashion trends have you tried already?

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