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The Process of Shirt Printing

The main type of printing used with tshirt printing is screen printing. It is a lot of work setting it up and takes skill, creativity as well as a lot of precision and accuracy. When you are looking for tshirt printing Singapore options you want to find printers who know the process completely and have proven their skill and ability. Here is a closer look at the process, what it involves and how to get the best results.

Get the design right from the start

Of course, it starts with a great design! You might supply that for them, or you might choose one that has designs for you to select from, or a designer you can work with to create something. It might be just an image or it might include a small amount of writing. Keep in mind that with screen printing each colour requires a new screen, setting up takes longer and more is charged. Consider the background the design is being printed onto as well as important factors such as size and where it is being placed.

Using the screens is a complicated process

Once the printer has the design and it is ready for use they then make the screens. They use image imprints and each different colour needs a different screen. The screens go on the printing machine and it is quite a complex process to ensure everything is positioned correctly. When the screens are prepared the press heads in the printing machine are now filled with the right colours. If you have as many as 8 different colours then it will need to have 8 heads. Often when t shirt printing Singapore the light colours are filled in then the darker ones. The exact process varies from printer to printer as there are different machines and they have different capabilities. Some printers might have a machine that only has 4 heads so they can only print designs with 4 colours. Often printing involves more than one person working.

Drying the shirts is an essential step

The final step of screen tshirt printing, Singapore, is the easiest. When the printed shirts are done they then need to go into a dryer. These are not regular dryers, the heat is twice as hot as an oven. It is very important not to skip that step as the ink needs to dry completely so it stays on and lasts through future washes. Some inexperienced printers might not realise this.


T shirt printing Singapore has become more popular than ever over the years. It is great for businesses to use for staff and as marketing opportunities. People can create their own special shirts that make them happier than any mass-produced tshirts in the shops. Sporting teams can identify each other and feel united, and more. While screen printing is one of the more common processes used for printing tshirts and other garments and items, there are other options is you want to explore further.

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