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The Best Biotin with Keratin Pills for Hair Growth

There’s no denying that hair vitamins have come a long way. Presently, there is no shortage of options for anyone who is striving for healthier, stronger, and shinier hair. Wellabs Biotin with Keratin is one of the supplements that have taken the nutrition world by storm over the past couple of months. But how exactly does it fair in light of other hair vitamins in this niche? Is it something that one should spend their hard-earned money on? Here’s a quick take.

A Quick Glance at this Biotin with Keratin Supplement

As the name suggests, Wellabs Biotin with Keratin is formulated to furnish you with vitamin B7 needed to fuel the growth of your nails and hair. What’s more, this biotin is necessary to break down carbohydrates and fats in your body which further aids one’s quest for great-looking tresses. You see, biotin is a water-soluble nutrient. And that implies that as much as your body requires this essential vitamin, it is possible to store it for future use. In other words, you require a constant, consistent, and regular supply to have healthy hair, skin, nails, and eyes. And taking into account that the average American diet is not especially rich in this micronutrient, supplementation is not an option for most.

The Numerous Health Benefits that Wellabs Biotin with Keratin Packs

Apart from great-looking skin, lustrous hair, and strong nails, consumption of biotin through this supplement also elicits the following benefits.

  • Involved in the Regulation of Metabolism Levels

Apart from its involvement in the maintenance of great hair, the regular consumption of biotin aids in the regulation and improvement of metabolic levels. While it may not seem like it at first glance, this also plays a role in having fuller and thicker hair as proper metabolism is required for the body to extract essential nutrients from your everyday meals.

  • Avails Keratin to Support Healthy Hair Growth

Just like collagen, your body’s ability to produce keratin slows down remarkably with age. And considering that this fibrous protein makes up around 90% of your hair, it is not surprising that a person’s hair tends to get more sparse and less lustrous with age. Fortunately, the presence of keratin in this supplement can slow this kind of deterioration down by helping you replenish the amino acids involved in the production of keratin. Speaking of which, cysteine, one of such amino acids, also doubles up as an antioxidant that combats the impact of cell-damaging radicals.

  • Can Help Stave off Excess Shedding or Premature Baldness

By availing of keratin with biotin, this supplement can prove to be crucial in minimizing shedding as well as supporting healthy hair growth. You see, keratin is formed within your hair’s follicles where cells intertwine and band together before rising to the surface. And just like your skin, the state of your hair has a direct correlation with how balanced vitamins in your body are. In other words, by consuming hair-friendly nutrients regularly and consistently, you are essentially promoting the growth cycle of your tresses and minimizing the chances of suffering from unexplained hair loss.

  • Biotin is involved in the Transportation of Oxygen to Your Root Hair Cells

There’s a reason one of the most recognizable signs of biotin deficiency is having unhealthy-looking hair and skin. Apparently, this vitamin (which is also known as B7) is instrumental in the transit of oxygen from your lungs to the base hair cells from which your hair sprouts. At the same time, it also enables the swift removal of unwanted waste products such as carbon dioxide from your scalp cells. If not for anything else, this alone is critical if you want to have and maintain healthy tresses.

  • A Hair Revitalizing Formula

Unlike other hair supplements in the industry that offer either keratin or biotin, Wellabs Biotin with Keratin combines these two nutrients in a single dose. On further investigation, this is mostly possible since the two nutrients are not in any way in competition with one another. Besides, it’s a clever two-prong approach considering that each of these vitamins has very distinct roles and compositions within your body. Thus, while biotin helps in the creation of vital proteins that could be lacking in the long term, keratin aids in the correction of weak or dull hair in the shorter term. Together, it’s an ingenious way of strengthening your hair and boosting its health all year round.

In Summary: Pros and Cons of Wellabs Keratin and Biotin


  • Contains essential nutrients for thicker, fuller, and stronger hair
  • Promotes less frizzy and smoother hair
  • Promotes healthy hair follicles
  • Aids in the repair of damaged hair
  • Available at a handsome discount if you subscribe to the manufacturer’s exclusive delivery program


  • A bit pricier than other similar hair supplements in this segment

In Closing

The supplement avails both Keratin and biotin which work in unison to reduce shedding, strengthen your follicles, and combat dullness or lifeless strands. It’s definitely a must-have if you suspect you are not getting enough ample hair-friendly nutrients from your everyday dietary routine.

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