Some Natural Supplements For Colitis Treatment

Colitis is basically the inflammation of your large intestine also known as the colon. But inflammation is a very common thing in a person’s health. Often due to the treatment of various disorders, inflammation is one of the most common side effects that fall under the minor category. Usually, such an inflammation as a side effect is automatically cured within a few hours or days as soon as the person gets habituated to the medicine.

But here we are discussing inflammation as a disease itself and that too a chronic one. Many people wouldn’t have imagined that in one instance inflammation is such a minor side effect whereas in colitis the inflammation is such that it needs regular medical treatment and is not fully curable. It shows us an example that we should never underestimate even a small side effect can become life-threatening. For instance, in treating Erectile Dysfunction, pills like Cenforce 200 and Fildena 100 have inflammation as their side effect.

Colitis is a very serious condition in which the inflammation in the colon is so aggressive that it causes severe pain in the gut, especially when you eat or drink. Sometimes the pain may disappear and reappear again. Usually, people are more benefitted by medical treatment of colitis that keeps the pain under control by reducing its intensity and frequency. But you can also try natural supplements that may keep its symptoms under control thus, making your daily life easy.

Taking probiotics

You may have seen advertisements for probiotic drinks on TV and in newspapers for them being healthy for the stomach. You must have a bad image of bacteria because every time it is portrayed as bacteria causes infections, allergies and so on. But not all bacteria are harmful, bacteria found in the stomach help to break down the food consumed.

Thus, if all the bacteria are removed from the stomach, then you may experience indigestion and gut-related problems. This is why healthy bacteria need to sustain in the digestive tract.

Probiotics are drinks that contain microorganisms mostly living bacteria that are healthy ones. These bacteria promote the growth of more healthy bacteria in the gut that facilitates digestion. Probiotics must not be confused with medical treatment; it is a supplement after all. You need not need a prescription or doctor’s permission to take Probiotics.

All you need to do is to go to the medical store or even in the usual departmental stores and get as many bottles as you want. Many people take a bottle daily as it also tastes good. Some food items like yoghurt, curd, cream and fermented items are also probiotics.

Herbal Treatment

Another way of naturally keeping colitis under control is by using herbal treatments like aloe vera gel, papaya juice, gourd, wheatgrass etc. These items keep the gut cool thus, reducing the heat due to inflammation. This may provide you relief for some time, the relief may be extended if you take it regularly for weeks or months. But again, as in the case of probiotics, these are not medications but a regulator for inflammation.

Before using any of the herbal treatments consult the doctor as it may affect the working of the medication you are taking for colitis. So, it is better to avoid these herbal treatments if not confirmed by the doctor. Several surveys have shown that herbal treatment surely has provided relief from colitis, so you can try it if you want. If your inflammation is in the initial stages then it is advised to not waste time trying herbal treatments and directly go for medical treatment.

Eat omega 3-fatty acid

Eating omega 3-fatty acids is found to reduce inflammation due to colitis. Some common food sources of omega 3-fatty acids are seafood such as fish, liver oil, crabs, lobsters etc. Apart from food sources of omega 3-fatty acids, one can take omega 3 tablets that act as supplements to fulfil its deficiency. If you feel anxious about taking supplements in the form of tablets, take them only after consulting the doctor.

Sometimes omega 3-fatty acids may cause certain gut-related problems if not needed. So, in most cases, the doctors themselves advise patients to take omega 3 rich diet or medication. Avoid taking Vidalista 20 at Powpills during colitis as it may increase inflammation.


As said colitis is one of the chronic disorders hence, there is no full recovery available as in the case of diabetes mellitus and asthma. But you can keep its symptoms in control so that it does not harm your daily life activities. As there are many people who are suffering from colitis but excel in their work by getting proper medication. Thus, you must give proper medication under the supervision of the doctor as the topmost priority for colitis treatment than using any natural supplement. These supplements will provide short-term relief and take time to show their benefit.


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