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Saga Brazilian Remy Hair Review

Saga Brazilian Remy Hair Review

Saga Brazilian Remy Hair Review

Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk to you all about this hair that I have in my ear today, and it’s the saga of Brazilian Remy hair. And I bought it from my local beauty supply store and the clothes separately from the hair.

Now the hair like it’s silky and solved. But I’ll flex erotic life for a couple of days. I let the flex rising, like about I can say about four or five days, you know, managing it, making sure my flexible I stayed on and everything. But when I tried to take the flex, Iran’s off today, for some reason, it was tangling it like the flex was like hard to come out.

I had to, like, actually pull them out. And I have some orgone all that I use on is the spray. And that’s the only thing that just really helped it. Now, I liked the hair before I did it, but that confirms what many other bloggers were saying about this hair, that it meant like in the back and things like that. So I think that overall is some OK hair. But as far as like flex Iran, it is leaving those flicks across there for days.
I would suggest you do that because this hair, I mean, it was so tangled, I had poorly pulled a hair apart. But yeah. Is the Brazilian Remy hair? And I bought it, as I said earlier, from a local beauty supply store. And I think it is OK here. But I mean, you just pissed me off this morning when I tried to take the flexi off, and I just made it.

I mean, it was stuck in there, and I had to go back.

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This was good. But this here, I mean, the girls didn’t even really hold, and I had to go back and take my Kolevar and Curley’s myself, so I didn’t like it. And I’m just tired of spending like two hundred dollars on beauty supply store hair. And it’s just become, I mean, look like some plain of shit at the end of the day. I mean, it’s just a big piece of to me. So, you know, I bought some hair from Ali expressed and he should be here tomorrow or Thursday.

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