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Rinsing Your Hair With Rice Water For 4C Hair Growth

For those of you who don t know, rice water for hair growth is one of the latest and most popular natural hair growth treatments. For years, rice has been a staple food, no matter where you are in the world; in fact, rice is probably the most popular food, in the world, of course excluding pizza, burger, and hot dogs (yes, I have eaten them too!).

For some people, rice means soup; for others, it means a delicious breakfast cereal. And for yet others, it means a refreshing drink that helps with stress. But for most, rice means food – and that is why it is so popular as food for hair growth.

Herein, we shall explore the healing powers of rice.

Rice Water as Shampoo and conditioner

2 Ways to Use Rice Water for 4c Hair Growth Faster

There are two significant ways in which you can use rice water for 4c hair growth faster. The first is in the form of a shampoo.

Rice Water as Shampoo:

Yes, I did say shampoo as in shampoo your hair and then use rice water as a conditioner after.

An excellent treatment method for those of you who like to shampoo and then condition their hair but are tired of the various chemicals that shampooing and conditioning can cause damage to your hair.

Rice Water as Conditioner:

Just like any good conditioner, it improves hair volume by penetrating the hair shaft and improving the flow of air and water.

It also enhances the number of amino acids that help to keep your hair strong and healthy. Our hair is composed of 90% protein, and this is what protein does for our hair. We need protein to prevent hair loss and to promote hair growth. It also nourishes our hair and makes it stronger and healthier.

If you have noticed, when you brush or comb your hair, there is some give and take involved. You are making slight contact with your strands of hair because the brush has grabbed onto some of your hair strands which are caught in between your teeth. What this does is it reduces the amount of friction between your teeth and the strands of your hair. And the more friction there is between these two things, the more likely hair breakage will occur.

To reduce the amount of friction, we must rinse our hair correctly.

Rice Water for 4c Hair Growth step by step guide

How to use Rice Water for 4c Hair Growth Step by Step

  1. We want to make sure that we are rinsing the rice and not using the regular wash rinse.
  2. Soak some of your hair in warm water to start the rinse process.
  3. Once you have rinsed your hair in the warm water, we must drain the excess water out of your hair.
  4. Now it is time to wash our rice in the ordinary shampoo bottle and pour away.
  5. We need to make sure that the rice that we are using in our hair is 100% pure and clean.

Therefore, we want to put this rice into a large plastic container and then add some vinegar and mix it up until it forms a paste-like substance. Now, we must rinse this mixture thoroughly. At this point, you should be able to see the rice paste has formed into a mass.

After this, we should remove it from the heat and pour it into a new plastic container.

Now, we can begin with the next step, which is to place clean rice into a bowl and add water. Make sure to stir it well before adding it to the room temperature. At this point, it’s best that we let it sit for about half an hour.

It will help to bring nutrients to our hair roots. While it is sitting, it is best that we gently swirl it using a teaspoon in a round motion.

After this, we should allow it to sit for another thirty minutes. We must take a close look at this mixture because this is going to be our basis for determining the optimum time that we use for our hair care treatment. After this, we will want to add a teaspoonful of essential oil. If possible, I would recommend that we never add more than three drops of essential oil to any rice concoction.

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