Relationship Intimacy Tips Busy Parents Swear By

Life changes for couples after they become parents. Although the bond becomes deeper after sharing a child, physical intimacy often takes a blow. The last thing you think of amid sleepless nights is a romantic time in the bedroom. Even as your kids grow up, time runs short as you have endless task lists. Work pressure affects your togetherness further. But you cannot leave intimacy to chance because losing it spells trouble for your marriage. Fortunately, there are ways to keep things sizzling in bed despite your tight schedules. Let us share some actionable relationship intimacy tips busy parents swear by.

Touch often

Losing physical touch affects intimacy the most, and most parents miss out on it even without realizing it. You must make it a point to touch more often whenever you are together. Steal moments while getting ready in the morning, prepping breakfast, or laying the dinner table. Besides physical touch, connect during the day through calls and text messages. Build the closeness so that you need not force yourself to hook up after a long day.

Budget for a babysitter

Romance figures nowhere when you have a baby to look after. But busy couples who do not want to give up on intimacy budget for a babysitter to get more time together. Look for someone you trust enough to leave home with the little one as you plan a date night. Paying them is worthwhile if you can keep the spark alive. Request a grandparent to pitch in if you cannot afford a babysitter, but find time for date nights and weekend trips.

Lock the bedroom door

Do not feel guilty about locking the bedroom door because you deserve time together after slogging for work and taking care of the kids. Let your bedroom be your private sanctuary where you can experiment and have fun together. You can invest in a real whizzinator XXX to make your sessions more thrilling. Try new positions or have kinky conversations to have a good time together. Intimacy will not seem like a task when you keep the excitement going.

Have a calendar

Finding time for intimacy may sound daunting amid long work hours and endless to-do lists. Moreover, you may feel too exhausted to indulge in a lovemaking session. But committing to togetherness becomes easy if you maintain a calendar and stick to it. Ensure you do not miss out on your bedroom life for weeks. Although scheduling intimacy does not sound exciting, it gives enough momentum to your relationship to get it back on track again.

Work out together

You can get dual benefits by working out together as busy parents. Exercise gives you the opportunity to come close and boost your fitness levels. Moreover, having your partner as your workout buddy keeps you motivated for daily exercise. You end up as a hotter-looking couple in the long run. There isn’t a better way to keep the intimacy going as super-busy parents.

Relationship intimacy keeps your marriage alive, and it is worth the investment. But you need not do much to regain and retain it. Follow these simple tips to keep the fire burning over the years.

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