how to measure your body for clothing sizes

How To Measure Your Body for Clothing Sizes

According to data, 30% of online shoppers bought their clothes before the global pandemic. Online shopping is becoming more popular due to the ease of shopping from your home, saving time and competitive pricing. This is how we shop online. Online shopping has its downsides. For example, ethical clothing is usually the same size for everyone. How …

Peruvian Hair Extensions how to wash
Hair Care

Peruvian Hair Extensions: How to Wash Them and Maintain Your Locks

Peruvian hair extensions are a great way to boost your hair volume and add length. But what happens when you need to wash them? Find out how you can easily wash your Peruvian hair extensions, without damaging the bonds of your strands. 1. How to wash your Peruvian hair extensions without damaging them It is …


How to Choose a Fragrance: A Guide for Beginners

There are thousands of perfumes on the market. Choosing one can be overwhelming, but it’s easy if you follow these simple steps. Consider the season Wearing homemade fragrances for the first time proves the value of having a varied personal collection. As I read about similar scents, I can see how they’re similar to me …