Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette Review
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Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette Review

If you are looking for an amazing makeup palette on the cheap, then look no further than this Oriflame queen of night makeup palette review. The full selection of colors will make your eyes pop and your lips shine. With a wonderful array of blushes and pigments, this palette is perfect for any occasion!

What is the Review

The Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette Review is a great one for someone who wants to be able to create the perfect look for any occasion. I wore this palette out on Halloween and it did wonders with my costume. The colors were bold, shimmery, and gorgeous. The pigments in the shadows are so deep that they give you an almost 3-dimensional effect that’s unreal!

The Basics: What does the Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette come with?

The Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette comes with three eyeshadows and one blush. The colors are very pigmented and the eyeshadows blend easily. Though this is not a huge palette, it is definitely something that I would pay full price for because of how well it performed on my skin.

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How long was the palette and how much did it cost?

The Oriflame Queen of Night Makeup Palette is a neutral-toned option for an everyday makeup routine. It is a seven-piece palette with a total of 12 colors in three different finishes. The eyeshadows are in textured powder form and the lipsticks are in cream form.

The Shades: Which shades do I like best?

I love the colors in this palette. I love the way they all come together. It is a beautiful presentation to make your makeup look even more amazing. The shades are perfect for creating a nighttime look, but if you are looking for something that can be easy to carry around, you might want to consider the Benefit Box O’ Powder Palette instead.


I am happy with the purchase of this product, and it is a good buy for someone who wants to try out different shades of makeup or needs a backup. I would argue that the price is too high, but if you like what you see, I would say go ahead and buy it.


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