Selecting a Neckpiece for a Party – What Should You Consider?

We often want to make a statement when we go out for a party with our friends and family. This article highlights various aspects you should keep in mind while choosing the right necklace that helps you do the same.

Face Shape

A crucial factor that should be on the top of your list while shortlisting a necklace for you is your face shape. It is ideal to choose something that complements your facial structure wherever you go. The right piece of jewelry should help highlight your face and enhance its attractive points.

You can have numerous combinations of jewelry if you have an oval-shaped face. If you have a long face, it is ideal to have a necklace that helps you add curves to it. Avoid any jewelry that makes your face look more round if you have a round facial structure.

Layering necklaces can be a great idea to help enhance your neck. It is ideal to go for chunky and lengthy necklaces if you have a rectangular face. You can go for a necklace with a larger pendant hanging with that. It will help make your face look longer and balance a stronger jawline.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you can wear short necklaces. It will help strike a balance from the top of your face to the jawline.

Available Options

There are numerous necklace options available that you can refer to as per your preference. You can check online for the latest options available for such jewelry pieces.

Once you have a shortlisted necklace length in mind, it is best to consider the various gemstone options available. Adding the right gemstone can help enhance the beauty of a necklace manifold.

LEIBISH specializes in rare and unique natural Red diamonds. You can consider these options while shortlisting your choice of gemstone to create a lasting impression among the minds of the onlookers.

These can easily fit with your choice of necklace based on your face shape, thus helping you with an option that strikes a balance between your face shape and visual appeal. Your choice of a gemstone can make your necklace your statement piece for any event.

Jewelry Length

So, you understand how a necklace can change based on your face shape and have scrolled through the various gemstone options that you can include in it. The next step is to shortlist necklace length based on the occasion you are attending.

A formal setting can call for a shorter necklace, but if it is a semi-formal occasion, you can go for a brighter color of the same option. It is ideal to avoid a long necklace for such occasions as it can get lost in your dress. However, if you are wearing something with a deeper neckline, you could wear a long necklace to balance the outfit.

A crucial aspect that you should keep in mind while shortlisting the length of your jewelry is to strike a balance between the top and bottom half of your body. You should not go overboard and yet remain stylish with your jewelry choices.

It is ideal to avoid long necklaces overwhelming your body type when you have shorter stature. On the other hand, if you are tall, you can go for a necklace length that compliments your height.

Body Type

Your body type plays a vital role in shortlisting the necklace, similar to your face shape. You can go for a long necklace if you have a smaller bustline. This approach will help create a fuller impression and balance the overall look.

A short necklace will bring attention to your face and highlight its features rather than your height. If you have broad shoulders, this approach can also be a great choice to complement them.

Keeping It Simple

While shortlisting a necklace for you, it is advisable to go through the above factors. Striking a balance between a design that compliments your body and looks appealing is challenging. However, giving due importance to these factors can help you find the right piece of jewelry based on your preferences.

You can explore various necklace design options online to know about the trending styles and find what appeals to your taste. Once you are through with the step, you can refer to all the above factors to shortlist the right necklace. You can keep more than one option handy to help you meet the requirements of different occasions.

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