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Misumi Bihaku Wonder Lotion With Spf 60 Review

I am working on a review of Misumi Bihaku Wonder Lotion with Spf 60 ( full review coming soon ). I received a bottle in the mail yesterday and have been using it on and off since. 

The online store tells me it can relieve acne and reduce puffy faces but I have yet to test this out. When I do, I will let you know. For now, I will just say that I am impressed with the product and plan on purchasing another bottle when my review is complete.

Review of Misumi Bihaku Wonder Lotion With Spf 60 Review

I have been using this product for a few months now and I have seen some great results. It has helped with my uneven skin tone, faded old acne scars, and reduced dark spots on my face. I’ve also noticed that the texture of my skin is smoother and firmer than it was before. – Christa Yashira

I have been using bihaku for about a month and really like it. I use it on my face, neck, and chest. It has a pleasant smell (not overpowering at all) and is nongreasy. My skin looks clearer and softer. I would recommend it to anyone interested in lightening their skin tone or getting rid of blemishes.’ – Delores Gerlach

I’ve been using the skin bleaching lotion for a week now and I’m already seeing great results. I love that it’s completely natural and that it doesn’t have any side effects! My skin is brighter and my acne scars are almost invisible after only a few days. – Frida Witting

Misumi Bihaku Wonder Lotion

Product Description

Misumi BiHaku Wonder Lotion SPF 60 by Japan Formula. A skin whitening and brightening lotion that is safe to be used by pregnant women. The lotion contains whitening and anti-ageing properties which are ideal for improving imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

This lotion can also be used to lighten acne marks. It contains phytoestrogens which work to fight wrinkles, ageing, and free radicals that cause oxidative damage on the skin. Misumi BiHaku Wonder Lotion SPF 60 is a unique formula of Orient extracts that may aid in

Product Features

  1. It can whiten your skin
  2. Excellent for sensitive skin
  3. Encourages the production of collagen

How to Us

  • Step 1. Wash Face
  • Step 2. Apply Bihaku White even for daytime use
  • Step 3. Wait 15 minutes for it to dry and rinse off with water
  • Step 4. If necessary, apply a layer of Bihaku-Bright or Bihaku-Darkergizer

The formulations contain 6% hydrogen peroxide. Compared to over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products that contain no more than 2%, Misumi’s whitening lotion quite potent.

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