Missha Eye Painting Shadow Review

Missha Eye Painting Shadow – Review

Review: Missha eye painting shadow provides a sensation of moisturized cooling, a gentle curing polymer to supply mild fixing, avoiding long hours of crease phenomenon. Apply a small volume of JEWEL Complex to have a brilliant performance to provide a vibrant performance. With different paint combinations, you can mix and match the same product line with another color. The orange-brown hue shines like a red sunset.

Missha Eye Painting Shadow color.

Color matching recommendations:

  • Starlight Beige X Sea Gravel;
  • Pink Boost X Sunset Brown;
  • Pink Boost X Starlight Beige;
  • Pink Boost X
  • Product Details

Product Details

WEIGHT0.03 kg

Product Features

  • The formula for water gives wet cooling.
  • Softly fixed (no crease phenomenon) with soft-picking polymer
  • And in a limited volume, convey a clear hue.
  • As you prefer, you can mix and match colors and use them.

Missha Eye Painting Shadow - color

The benefit of Missha Eye Painting Shadow

1. Hydrating, smooth fixing

  • Water formula and the feeling of cooling
  • Soft polymer fixed

2. Bright paint-like pigments

  • For defined, shiny eye shadow shades, JEWEL Complex
  • JEWEL Complex: White Jade, Sapphire, Gem, Amethyst, Pearl

3. Colors from Mix & Match

  • Starry Beige
  • Sunset Brown
  • Dream of Orange

Missha Eye Painting Shadow how to use

How to Use

  1. Take the scale of the eyeshadow rice grain and scatter it over the eyelids.
  2. Apply the eyeshadow one more time after fixing for a more vibrant performance.

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