Maintaining The Custom Flags And Make Them Last Longer

The advertising flags undoubtedly make a statement, whether it is for a tradeshow, a business event, a fundraising event, or for any occasion when you need to get the audiences’ attention. However, it is not just getting a flag that is all you need. To make the flag perform repeatedly for several times, cleaning and maintenance is a thing you need to remember. If you want to keep the custom flag looking clean, you need to go for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Frequency of cleaning the commercial flags:

Several reasons may cause damage to the business d advertising flags when you keep them outside for an extended period. Here is what you need to know about the frequency of cleaning the advertising flag.

  • Among the many things that may cause substantial damage to the custom flag is direct exposure to sun as it tends to alter the appearance.
  • Fading may occur when you keep the vinyl flags outdoors under direct sunlight for several months, so it is necessary to bring the flag down and keeping it away from the sun for a shorter period and bring home the fantasy.
  • Bad weather such as heavy rain, snow, or winds are may cause wear and tear and may wear out the effective coating.
  • Air pollutants, such as smoke and dust may create cosmetic damages to the flag.
  • You need to move the flags here and there when it starts raining.
  • Excessive wind may damage the flag badly as it whips strongly as it may damage the fabric.

Vinyl flags need to be cleaned within every three months and storing it in poor conditions. You must never store a wet flag as it may cause mildew and dry it properly before cleaning.

Cleaning the flag:

You can choose regular soaps and detergents to clean the custom flags and here is how you need to clean the flag.

  • Before washing and cleaning the flag, you need to ensure that it is clean and dry and if it creates wrinkles.
  • When eliminating the wrinkles from the flag, you need to iron dry the fabric without overheating the material.
  • You need to prepare a soap and water solution and purchase high quality soap and detergent.
  • Wipe the flag with the gentle soap water and rinse the fabric in cold water thoroughly.
  • Bring out excess water from the flag and hag it for drying.
  • Once the flag dries, try to roll it up for storage and handle it properly to avoid permanent creases.

Cleaning stains from the flag:

Stains may occur on the flag due to several reasons but when cleaning them, try to use a soap and water sponge o work out the dirt, debris, and grime. You need to consider applying small amounts of the cleaning agent to make things right. You can work up to a rich lather on the stained area with the soapy water and rinse it with cold water. The stain should disappear after two to three washes but remember not to rub the soap hard to damage the flag.

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