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Things You Need To Know About Maintaining HD Lace Wigs

What Is An Hd Lace Wig?

A “High definition” HD lace is one of the most expansive and durable lace. It offers a hairline that is difficult to detect. The baby hairs at the front part offer a nice look. This wig is one of the most loveable and always trending wigs among women.

As it gives exposed hairline which is undetectable and no one can judge whether it’s your natural hair or a wig. This wig has thin and transparent lace which is recommended for women with light skin colour. It also matches all skins if dyed or coloured.More detail of HD lace wig,you can discover various types here.

The Lifetime Of Hd Lace Wig

An HD lace wig usually has a lifetime of eight to twelve months. The lifespan of the wig can increase if you take proper care of it. And if you use it without proper care and don’t maintain it properly it may get damaged before its lifespan.

Tips To Maintain Hd Lace Wig

There are some points that a wearer of an HD lace wig must know so that she enjoys her wig for a long period. Following these steps, you will not only save your wig from damage but also enjoy its features.

  • Careful Installation

The first step after buying a wig comes how to install it properly. If you are a regular wearer then it’s an easy task but for beginners, it’s important to know how to use it. These steps are;

  1. Firstly wear the cap and then clean properly with the help of alcohol to remove oil from it.
  2. Then fix the wig properly and adjust it so that it matches your natural hair.
  3. After this, you can trim your wig extra lace using scissors. Cut it according to your hairline and the lace of 3 mm gives a perfectly natural look.
  • Store It Carefully

It is good to remove your wig at night so that hair may not be tangled which will cause damage while combing. It is good to remove it and place it gently so that you get your wig ready in the morning. It saves the time that consumes in combing in the morning.

  • Don’t Wash Your Wig Every Day

Most the girls think that washing wig makes them new again but it’s not true washing wigs, again and again, may cause hair damage since it is made sensitive. If you are a regular wearer then you should wash it a maximum of two times a month. If you use occasionally then washing once a month is good enough.

  • Apply Conditioner

After washing, it is good to apply conditioner. A conditioner makes the wig stylish and soft. After washing your wig properly, now it’s time to apply a good conditioner to the wig and then washes your wig again after several minutes.

  • Wash With Cold Water

The best way to wash this wig is to fill your sink with water and place your wig inside it for several minutes. Then take it out and apply some shampoo with the help of some wide-tooth comb. Then again place it in the sink for ten minutes. Take it out and wash it with cold water and place gently for soaking. A wig like a headband wig need not rinse for two to three months.

  • Comb It Gently

Wigs are sensitive and need proper care. While combing tangled hair may damage, so be gentle while combing your wig. Use a wide-tooth comb which reduces this a lot.

  • Avoid Wearing It While Swimming

While swimming in the pool it is good not to wear an HD lace wig as water in the pool contains chemicals that cause damage to your wig. Remove it and place it in a locker, swim with confidence and then wear it again. The water in the swimming pool will make some twists in hair which remains permanently and doesn’t untangle.

  • Protection From Heat

it is one of the main mistakes women did that they try to dry their wig with the help of some iron or creams. They don’t know how serious damage they are offering to their wig. Also while styling your wig it is good not to use heating elements to enjoy the long life of your wig.

  • Don’t Dye Your Wig

dying is another thing that causes harm to your wig. Girls love to style their hair according to the trend and therefore they use some colours in their HD lace wig which is not good. You cannot recover your wig hair in its natural form if it is made of human hair.Colouring causes damage to your wig hair so it is great to avoid such treatments. Also, you can buy some new colourful wigs with the amount you spent o buying colours.

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