Ingredients in Mud Wtr That Help Boost Energy Naturally

Whether you have a big day ahead of you and need the boost of caffeine found in coffee or it’s the weekend and you’re looking forward to spending a relaxing morning in your pajamas with a steaming cup of coffee in front of you, you’re probably looking forward to your morning dose of the beverage. If you are a coffee drinker, you’re most likely also a coffee lover who anticipates their morning (and maybe also midday and afternoon) cup of coffee eagerly. 

Unfortunately, this habit is not an entirely beneficial one. While coffee is cited to potentially have some health benefits due to its antioxidant quantities, a more common story seems to be one of regular coffee drinkers experiencing jitters, sleeplessness, withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back, and stomach pains. Clearly coffee is not the best beverage for everyone, but any person could benefit from switching over to a natural coffee alternative.

Why Should You Switch From Coffee to an Alternate Beverage?

There are numerous reasons why people decide to shift from being daily coffee drinkers to consumers of a different kind of beverage. Mostly, those who realize coffee doesn’t sit well in their systems should switch, along with those who find coffee addictive and need to significantly cut it out of their lives.

Let’s look specifically at those with coffee intolerances. If this is you, you could be allergic to coffee, have a caffeine sensitivity, or have a straightforward intolerance to the liquid—these things can be built up over time or else lingering in your genetics all along without your knowledge. 

An allergic reaction to coffee follows the typical symptoms of an allergy like itching, rashes, or a swollen or tingling tongue. 

A caffeine sensitivity generally won’t just apply to coffee but can be aggravated by the high amount of caffeine in the beverage. A sensitivity can occur in varying degrees, and common symptoms include jitters, headaches, restlessness, and a fast heart rate. These symptoms are the same as what a person who simply drinks too much coffee can experience, so it’s not always easy to be sure whether you qualify as hypersensitive to caffeine or not.

A coffee intolerance can look different for anyone, but might include feeling bloated or sick after consuming coffee, experiencing frequent or abnormal bowel movements, skin problems, as well as any of the symptoms of a sensitivity or allergic reaction.

It’s unclear just how many people may have one of the above issues with coffee without knowing it, but if any of these symptoms resonate with you—and also simply because they can be developed over time—it’s a good idea to cut back on your daily coffee intake by subbing the beverage with an alternative.

Enter Mud Wtr!

What is Mud Wtr

Mud Wtr is an all-natural coffee alternative that either provides energy and focus or relaxation and calm (depending on whether you’re drinking their day or night blend). It has only 1/7th the amount of caffeine contained in coffee. It also doesn’t lead to burnout or crashing midday. Because it’s such a smart alternative to coffee, many people are choosing to undergo a coffee detox aided by swapping over to Mud Wtr so it doesn’t really feel like cutting it out cold turkey.

Mud Wtr’s blends are organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, keto, and non-GMO. They taste like a mix of masala chai and hot chocolate, so they are delicious. Additionally, Mud Wtr has a non-liquid creamer and sweetener that both go well hand-in-hand with their beverages. 

What Ingredients Are in Mud Wtr’s Blend?

As mentioned, Mud Wtr has two different beverage blends, one for the morning to energize and wake you up called Rise and one for night to relax you called Rest. Let’s look at the powerful ingredients found in Rise’s mixture that provide natural energy. (Keep in mind that the blends contain additional ingredients with even more benefits aside from energy!)


– Masala Chai

– Lion’s Mane (mushroom)

– Cordyceps (mushroom)

– Cacao

If you’re still feeling a little on the fence about switching over to Mud Wtr instead of coffee, rest assured that you can try the new beverage without committing to avoiding coffee. Once you try it for yourself, then you can begin to make the swap. And don’t worry if you have more questions about the unique coffee alternative; you can check out mud wtr reviews to see how much others have enjoyed the beverage’s taste and benefits.


You may love coffee, but it doesn’t exactly love you back—at least not as much as it should. Thankfully, there are more delicious drinks out there than just coffee, and one of those alternatives, Mud Wtr, is healthier and gentler on your system. Even if you’re not ready to completely say goodbye to coffee and switch over to an alternate option, you should give Mud Wtr a try. You can variate between beverages so you don’t become fully dependent on coffee, or make a slow swap. Whatever you do, you’ll love the benefits and results you experience from Mud Wtr.

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