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Indoor Cannabis Seeds – What Should You Know About Them?

Marijuana has been known to humans for a very long time. The name is given to the dried, extracted from the cannabis plant, which has substances with psychoactive effects in its composition. Marijuana is taken recreationally or as a medicinal substance in situations of nausea, vomiting or the presence of constant, intense pain.

Indoor marijuana seeds – what is worth knowing about them?

Indoor marijuana seeds are designed to be grown indoors. This type of cultivation allows you to grow it all year round, regardless of the weather. In addition, the developing plants are also not affected by any pests, which guarantees full control over the crop. Stable conditions, can ensure the harvest of crops up to several times a year. By maintaining a constant temperature, adequate humidity and good airflow, a good environment is provided for plants to grow, so they mature and grow taller.

Indoor marijuana seeds – characteristics

As the name suggests, the seeds are designed to be grown indoors. In order for the seeds to develop properly and yield, the right conditions must be met. Indoor seeds should be provided with a suitable substrate, sufficiently strong lighting, heating and ventilation. It is known that indoor marijuana seeds produce smaller yields. However, it is worth noting that plants grown in an enclosed room and provided with the right conditions grow much faster than in natural conditions. This means that indoor marijuana seeds can be planted even several times a year. This fact can compensate for the occurrence of low yields.

Indoor marijuana seeds are characterized by the fact that the more light they are provided with, the more abundant yields they will have. However, a very important aspect is to keep the crops at a suitable distance from the lamps, due to the fact that excess light can also harm them.

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How to grow them?

The first, one of the most important aspects is to prepare the room where the plants will be located. The place must necessarily be airtight. Natural light must not penetrate the room, because the variation of the light supply makes the plants lower. Light penetration can also cause plants to produce male flowers instead of female ones. Insulating tape can be used to isolate the room, which can be a closet, tent or basement. Another thing is to keep the room airtight. The place where indoor marijuana seeds are grown must maintain a constant temperature, adequate humidity and good airflow. It is expected to create a kind of isolation room, devoid of leaks. Ensuring controlled conditions allows for taller plants with better yields.

It is also important to maintain cleanliness in the room with planted indoor marijuana seeds. The growing space should be easy to clean, so it is recommended to grow on easy-to-clean surfaces, and the plants themselves should be grown in pots.

Light is an essential factor for plant growth. After isolating the room from the flow of natural light, special lamps should be provided. HPS – HID lamps are popular because of the efficiency they guarantee. They produce a lot of light per unit of electricity consumed. There are also incandescent and fluorescent lamps, as well as LED lighting. However, it is important not to point the light directly at the seeds, nor to position them too close to the plants, as they can generate too high a temperature. Placing the lamp too close can also result in underexposure of some plants, which is associated with low yields.

Substrates that can be used to grow indoor marijuana seeds include soil and hydroponics. Plants are most often grown in soil, as it is the least demanding substrate. A good choice is to use organic soil that has been fertilized. For soilless growing, hydroponics is most often used. This method requires feeding cannabis with concentrated mineral solutions. The absence of soil leads to rapid uptake of the ingredients by the roots, and thus faster growth.

Where to buy indoor marijuana seeds?

Indoor marijuana seeds are legal to possess in Poland. You can get into possession of them without any problems, although growing them is prohibited. Seeds can be purchased at many stationary stores, as well as online stores.

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