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Impilo Aloe Vera Skin Food Review

Impilo Aloe Vera Skin Food is a topical product that can be applied to the face, hands, or feet to stimulate healthy skin cells. The active ingredient in IMPILO, ipilimumab, is a cell-stimulating agent that has demonstrated clinical activity in increasing skin thickness and lightening dark marks on the skin when used topically. It is also indicated for use in the treatment of acne, rosacea, domestic abuse, diabetes mellitus and inflammatory conditions like rosacea and clinical psoriasis. Impilo’s Aloe Vera Skin Food contains a concentrated aloe vera gel, with the goodness of vitamins A, C and D.

Review of Impilo Aloe Vera Skin Food

I purchased a different product from a popular shopping site and it burned my skin. I then came across Imipilo Aloe Vera Skin Food and after reading all the great reviews, I decided to try it out. After the first use, my skin was less red and burning sensation subsided. Within 2 days of using this product, my skin started to heal.  – Lauren Ward

I love this product! I’m not a fan of perfumes and scents and this is fragrance-free, but it is so soothing to my skin. I use it on any cuts, insect stings, bites, bruises, acne, blemishes, welts, ulcerated skin lesions, eczema and sunburns. It helps the healing process go faster. – Katie Joyce

I love this product! I have been using the aloe Vera skin food from impilo for a couple of months now and it really helps my skin when it gets irritated. I love the fact that this product is organic and natural, highly recommended to anyone who needs help with their skin. – Eva Akhtar

Product Description

Impilo Aloe Vera Skin Food is 100% natural, made from the aloe vera plant. Not all aloe verals have the same benefits but one of the most significant to human skin are the anti-inflammatory properties. Our natural aloe vera gel is formulated using only premium ingredients and essential oils. It can be used on cuts, insect stings, bites, bruises, acne, blemishes, or any type of skin lesion or inflammation. Our product also helps heal sunburns by removing dead skin cells so that new healthy skin can flourish.It also rejuvenates dehydrated skin by replacing water lost through perspiration or administering it directly to wounds or damaged areas of the skin caused by too much sun exposure.


1. Use on minor cuts
2. Use on insect bites, stings, acne, blemishes, welts and ulcerated skin lesions
3. Use on sunburned skin to prevent dryness2. Removes dead skin:
4. Stimulates normal cell growth:
5. Balances PH:

How to Use

1. Apply an appropriate amount of skinfood on your face.
2. Wait for 10 minutes before applying cream or make-up
3. Use in the morning and evening, once or twice a day as desired.

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