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Human Hair Wig Buying Guide

Human hair wigs are made from real human hair from various donors. To make a wig, the hair is processed, disinfected and tied. It often comes from Asia, such as India and China, and South America, such as Brazil and Peru. Less frequently, they are imported from Russia for blonde hair. The advantage is that the hair can be dyed, cut with a press or straightened.

A special feature of Remy wigs is that they are handmade, which preserves the natural hair cuticle. Wigs are not processed in the same way as natural hair wigs. Care must be taken to ensure that the donor hair is intact but well sterilized. These wigs look very natural but are obviously more expensive. The quality is better than synthetic or natural hair wigs. European human hair is made from the hair of European mares, and in the 1980s and 1990s, many Eastern European women donated their hair for profit. However, as the socio-economic situation improved, the collection of European ponies ceased. Therefore, real European hair is rare

Types of wigs by material

– Natural hair wigs.

These are wigs made from real human hair (More check here), usually from different donors, which are first processed, sterilized, and then blended together. Natural hair usually comes from India and China, but also from Brazil and Europe. These hairs have many advantages. It can be cared for in the same way as your own hair. It can be colored using irons and dyes. However, it is a very expensive solution. There are human hair wigs in which the sheaths are retained and human hair wigs in which the sheaths are not retained. Natural hair wigs that retain the casing layer during manufacturing are by Remy Hair. The wigs are handmade and come from a single donor. They do not tangle and last a long time. They are also invisible. They are also more expensive than other natural hair wigs but at the same time of higher quality than these. Moreover, they are considered to be high quality wigs.

– Human Hair Wigs

These are completely different from human hair wigs and are made of synthetic fibers. Therefore, their quality is lower than natural hair wigs, but on the other hand, technical advancements have been made in their production methods. Therefore, there are also synthetic wigs with the same quality as real natural hair wigs. The advantage is that they are cheap and cannot be ironed or dyed.

– Monofilament wigs

Monofilament wigs are wigs in which the hair is attached to a transparent, thin single thread carrier. The airy frame provides greater comfort. These wigs provide ventilation to the scalp. It is also recommended for people suffering from thinning scalp, hair loss or scalp problems. They are also popular in summers and very hot days when they are very expensive due to their higher comfort.

Types of wigs depending on visibility

Wigs with a loop in front

These are invisible wigs. It is made of high quality natural hair and is hand attached to the base of the wig with a fabric plate. They are used by celebrities because they do not damage the owner’s hair. In fact, there is no direct connection between the two. These wigs are also self-adhesive and the front is made of light-colored material. It can be attached to the forehead with a sticky substance. Its location is hidden by the short hair glued to the front of the wig. Therefore, it is not visible. They are very expensive because they are difficult to produce. They are custom made wigs.

Full Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are made according to the same principle as lace wigs, except that they are attached to the entire head. They are also undetectable and expensive. Therefore, they do not damage the hair in any way as lace wigs do. They can also be customised. In addition, they are very easy to remove, so they have a long life. Therefore, minimal maintenance is required. They are also considered the most popular wigs for aesthetic relief for people with cancer or similar diseases.

Types of wigs by method of manufacture

Handmade wigs.

In handmade wigs, the hair is sewn one after the other to the base to give a more natural look. It takes longer to make, but the result is perfect and expensive. For this reason, handmade hair ties are usually stronger and can be very easily assembled to form the hairstyle of your choice.

Machine-made wigs.

The production process is much faster. They are therefore more readily available and usually cheaper. These are ideal wigs for people who consider their budget when choosing a wig.

Wigs made using both production methods.

These are a combination of machine-made and hand-made wigs. These wigs are called semi-handmade wigs. Natural and synthetic hair are the most common in these types of wigs. They therefore offer long-lasting styles and are sold at a lower price.

Types of wigs by gender

Men’s wigs

Some men prefer to use wigs and bow ties to cover baldness. Depending on personal preference, they may prefer wigs, short wigs and long wigs. Some men prefer partial wigs, others full wigs.

Wigs for women

Women wear a wide variety of wigs. Long, short, full, partial, etc. They often use wigs to change their appearance from time to time. However, there are also people who use wigs to cover their heads because of disability or illness. There are certainly different types of wigs.

Where can I buy them?

Montreal is not in the United States, but there are a few secret addresses that will help you find the wig of your dreams within your budget.

1. Achaia Shop/Achaia Select – both online shops and hair salons – offer luxury lace wigs and full lace wigs that can be made to order. Here you can invest in high-quality wigs like the stars do.

2. Kalisha Diamond Hair offers Remy hair extensions and lace and full lace wigs, but with excellent quality.

3. Orly Africa Airport also has hairdressing boutiques and salons. There is a wide choice of synthetic and natural wigs. Most products are affordable even for smaller budgets.

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