How Videos Help Fashion Brands Sell More Online

Video marketing was always a part of a brand’s marketing strategy, but was never emphasised. Since the evolution of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shots, brands now know the prime importance of videos in their promotion strategies. Customers will run through various reviews to buy a product, and nothing can give them a better idea about a product than a video itself. 

About 52% of the customers claim and support that watching a product influences their decision to purchase it online. Therefore, if you are a brand looking to change the way your brand sells online, get on the boat of effective video marketing by getting yourself a good video maker, and then watch your brand breakthrough amidst the crowd. 

10 Statistics To Show Video Helps Fashion Brands Sell More Online

It’s said that numbers and data speak everything. Therefore, let’s have a look at some statistics that prove how video marketing is helping brands sell more online:

  1. About 94% of marketers believe that videos have played a massive role in ensuring users better understand the product/service. And why not? A video will give you a real-time feeling about the product and change how you see the product or the service. You can have some definite clarity on how the product looks, works, and feels. 
  2. About 64% of people believe that although online shopping is excellent, the only thing missing is the touch and feel. While buying clothes, one crucial thing that every human does is check the quality of clothes by touching and feeling the fabric. This can’t be done if you’re shopping online. Even if your video editing skills are of high quality, it’s challenging to get the same feeling as brick-and-mortar stores. However, plenty of online brands are now coming up with real-time, high-quality videos of their products, trying to reduce the gap created by touch and feel.
  3. 73% of consumers say that a brand’s videos on social media influence their buying decision. Recently, almost every person is on social media endlessly scrolling through reels, TikTok, YouTube shots, and Facebook videos. More and more influencers create authentic and genuine videos about products that ultimately affect what customers think about that brand. 
  4. Approximately, 58% of shoppers feel that brands that showcase video content are more trustworthy. Video marketing can indeed be a huge blessing because if your customers trust you, they will stick to your brand and turn into loyal customers. One of the most critical parts of building trust is ensuring that your user has had a pleasant and positive transaction. From the minute someone lands on your landing page, you can start establishing credibility and trust through video content creation. To be trusted, a brand must produce high-quality products consistently and deliver the products with the same consistency.
  5. There is 41% more search traffic sent to your site if you are using video marketing than those who do not include video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. Videos can not only ensure customers, but can also ensure that your website has more traffic and footfall. Every day, Google’s hidden search algorithms are changed and updated to provide users with the most relevant content possible.

 In contrast, this is no secret that Google enjoys including videos as part of its SERPs. Videos have the power to retain a viewer’s attention for a more extended period, which sends a signal to Google that the user has finally found what they were looking for. Thus, adding videos to your marketing strategy is an excellent move.

  1. 81% of the users spend more time watching a video on a brand’s website. One key thing that every brand wants to find out is how much time a user spent on their website? Why do the brands wish for this? For starters, brands spend a lot of money in getting the website fully functional and working with absolute precision. More seriously speaking, the amount of time a user spends on the website helps in increasing the website’s rank on the Google search results. This only tells Google that the users loved what the website had to show. 
  2. If you thought that videos were only for entertainment purposes, you’re mistaken. 54% of consumers say they would love to see more video content from brands they like and support. Many brands are taking advantage of video marketing and are using a video maker to make videos that connect emotionally and socially with their audience. Content creators use their video editing skills and produce high-quality content for products and services. How can a user not possibly demand more video content with so many variations to video marketing and such remarkable content in line?
  3. Isn’t it all about what profit or Return on Investment (ROI) the brand made through Video Marketing? Statistically speaking, 88% of the video marketers are happy with their brand’s kind of ROI through video marketing. ROI or the profit margins can be excellent only when your potential audience understands exactly what you want to convey through the videos. This is when a brand successfully establishes brand awareness, increasing customer purchase and loyalty, eventually leading to great sales. Watching a video is usually soothing, where all you need to do is enjoy the visual beauty of the ads. Therefore, make videos that do not have too much text.
  4. A study from Optinmonster stressed that videos help marketers get about 66% more qualified leads annually. The goal of every business or its marketing strategy is lead generation. What is the point in spending money on marketing initiatives that can’t get you qualified leads? When you carefully pick the content of your videos and promote it on all the channels, you will find qualified leads. 
  5. There are times when you have ordered something online, and when the product finally arrives, it could either be as per expectations or disappointing. 57% of shoppers are less shocked after receiving purchased products after watching a video. There will also be a lower chance of them returning the product. A well-shot video and good video editing will show a product from all angles. This makes it pretty evident that the shoppers understand the product. 


Video marketing is almost like a treasure that is now being discovered and used to its full potential, even by the most famous brands. Of course, a proper video maker mixed with some good video editing skills in necessary to get an attractive video on track. However, not like raw videos can’t be used, it all depends upon your brand’s vision and tone. Therefore, get your hands into video marketing and get ready to ace the video world.

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