How To Style Your Skirts To Improve Your Look

Skirts are a must-have item for every woman who loves to show off her feminine charm. Skirts add flexibility to your wardrobe and make it easy for you to show your style.

However, most women are bothered with the question of how they should style every type of skirt they have. Though skirts usually seem like a formal choice of outfit, you can easily dress up or down by switching up your accessories, shirts, and shoes.

So, read on to find ways you can style up your skirts.

Choose the right shoes

Always choose a shoe that will flatter your skirt. Most sustainable short and long skirts like pleated and broomstick skirts usually work well with booties, open-toed high heels, and dressy sandals.

Another style would be to pair it with sustainable skirts like casual denim miniskirts, then add a flag sneaker to get a more casual outfit. So, it would be best if you tailored your shoe’s height to match the specific skirt you intend to wear.

Tuck your tops

Irrespective of if you pair your skirt with a blouse, turtleneck, or T-shirt, tucking the top can accentuate your body shape. Full tucks are perfect for high-waisted skirts, while you can use a french tuck for low-waisted dresses.

You should also note that tucking in some shirts like longer ones might leave you with extra fabrics, which might add bulk beneath the waistband.

Balance the outfit

When styling your skirt, you should pay attention to your outfit proportion. For example, when wearing oversized pieces, you should balance them with fitted pieces.

Additionally, you can wear a flowy or baggy skirt with a fitted top like a tube or tank top to accentuate your figure. Conversely, you can pair a ruffled top or loose blouse with a form-fitting skirt to balance your style.

Knot your shirt

You can knot your shirt to converge the excess fabric. This also helps avoid potential bulk that usually comes with tucking. For example, you can knot your button-up blouse by undoing the last three buttons, then tie the ends together into a knot.

For a graphic tee, hold the front of the shirt, then twist and tie it into a single knot. You can also use a rubber band or a hair tie to secure the knot.

Wear tights

You also pair your favorite skirts with the right tights. You can try black, brown, or beige stockings or incorporate other complementary colors like brown leggings with an orange corduroy skirt or navy tights with gray plaid skirts.

Wear a jacket

A blazer, leather jacket, or light cardigan can complement the line of your skirt, especially if you wear a fitted top. In addition, you can get an effortless look by draping the jacket over your shoulders.


The tips above can help you style your skirts and improve your looks. Add bow-shaped hair braids or cool hats to get maximum effects. Pair your plaid skirts with plain white tops and plaid blazers to get an excellent look.

Also, you can pair it with a matching floral boat-neck top, coral pout, winged eyeliner, and a ballerina bun. You can also complete your dress by adding a pair of minimal gold jewelry and golden heels.

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