How to Style a Cuban Bracelet This Summer

Wearing the right summer fashion accessories is key if you want to draw the attention of your friends (and prospective significant others!). If you want to give your wardrobe an immediate boost, you should consider picking up and sporting a Cuban-style bracelet sooner rather than later.

Cuban link chain bracelets have been popular for several years, but now they are reaching their peak popularity and likely won’t go away anytime soon. Cuban link chain bracelets are super popular among athletes, hip-hop stars, and other celebrities.

Not sure how to style your Cuban bracelet this summer? Check out these styling tips to look great no matter where you go!

Choose the Right Chain

Firstly, make sure to choose the right chain for your Cuban bracelet. Cuban link chains are available in many different shapes, styles, and materials.

However, the most popular Cuban bracelet chain is a diamond chain. They’re popular because they look great, aren’t too expensive, and are perfect for adding gems via pendants later down the road (see more below).

That said, you should heavily consider what type of metal or color looks good with your skin tone, the clothes you typically wear, and other factors. Link chain bracelets with larger links are usually better for folks with smaller wrists, as your bracelet will then look more prominent on your person. If you have larger wrists, larger chains are still ideal.

Wear it with a Chain Necklace

Naturally, you can wear your Cuban link chain bracelet with a Cuban necklace. Link chain necklaces are of the exact same style and aesthetic category, so they naturally go well together.

However, if you choose to combine your Cuban bracelet with a necklace, make sure the necklace is:

  • Of the same type and color is your bracelet
  • Not too large – this is an easier mistake to make than you may think!
  • Doesn’t have large gemstones if your bracelets are bare or if they only have small gemstones within their chain links

Basically, you want your necklace and chain to reinforce one another, not overwhelm each other. For example, Craftd’s Cuban bracelet goes well with many other Cuban necklaces and jewelry pieces. Fortunately, many retailers allow you to pick up Cuban chain necklaces and bracelets in sets so you can be sure they go together.

Style with Shirts

You can also style your Cuban bracelet this summer by choosing the right T-shirts and upper wear articles. Simple T-shirts are perfect for many Cuban bracelet wearers – it’s a simple yet casual look, and it emulates the aesthetic popularized by hip-hop stars and other celebrities.

In fact, your Cuban bracelet can upgrade your look if you just wear a simple T-shirt. The T-shirt is simple and casual, but the Cuban bracelet is luxurious, attractive, and shows that you know what’s stylish in modern fashion.

Style with Streetwear

You can also combine your Cuban bracelet and/or necklace with streetwear. Fabulous-looking Cuban link bracelets are perfect for combining with streetwear articles like labeled T-shirts, denim jackets and jeans, joggers, and everything in between. You can even include your Cuban bracelet with hoodies – however, make sure that your bracelet is loose enough to fall close to your hand so people can see it poking out from the sleeve!

This street look appears classy, casual, and ultimately hip to everyone who sees it. The right shoes can seriously elevate your look, so pick your footwear to go well with your bracelet, necklace, and other accessories accordingly.

Match Tones Correctly

Of course, you need to be careful to match the right color tones when wearing a Cuban bracelet this summer and beyond. For instance, if you already have a rose gold watch, it’s a good idea to pick up a rose gold Cuban bracelet. That way, both of your metallic accessories go well together.

This is also true when considering the color of your clothing and your skin tone. People with warmer skin tones usually look great in rose gold. If you have a cooler aesthetic or skin tone, silver or silver-gold Cuban bracelets might be more up your alley.

Add a Pendant or Two

Lastly, consider adding one or two pendants to your Cuban link bracelet. Most Cuban bracelets can take pendants, such as gemstones, although other pendants may be metallic symbols or trinkets. If you already have a Cuban necklace with one or more pendants, try to pick thematically appropriate or matching pendants for your bracelet.

Wrap Up

All in all, just wearing a Cuban bracelet is a great way to up your fashion game and impress friends or strangers you meet at social occasions. However, if you combine your Cuban bracelet with a necklace or try the other style tips above, you’ll look even better – you might even become a trendsetter!

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