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How to Scrunch Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you must have experienced how difficult it is to get curls. And, once you get curls, retaining those waves is another challenge. Scrunching your hair is exactly like crumbling a paper as it makes your hair look wavy. Scrunching can be easily done if you have little bit wavy hair. In fact, scrunching is mainly for people with little curls and who want to make their hair look curlier. You can get your curling hair style easy by an automatic hair curler from Olayer China hair curler company, Olayer make hairdressing tools for hair styling the hair healthy care.

But, people with straight hair need not get disappointed as they can also scrunch their straight hair using six to seven methods listed here. The oldest of them is perming. Today, not many people go for perming because there are other latest techniques available.

The different ways to make your straight hair curly are:

Perming – it is a process to convert straight hair into curly hair.

Curl hair with hair rollers – use rollers or hair curlers to curl your hair. And then, apply hair spray to hold the curls.

Curl hair with hair curling irons.

 Pin curl – in pin curl, you roll your hair as if you are rolling them around a roller. And pin the rolls.

Curl hair using a different types of electronic appliances

Use of gel/mousse to get curls – wash your hair, wipe it with the towel and dry your hair, put mousse, and then use a hair spray.

Tie up your wet hair in the form of a bun and take it out after an hour and so, and finally, hair spray all over your hair.

The effect of these methods varies from person to person. So first of all, you should decide about the kind of curly look you want and then decide about the method.

Scrunching straight hair requires a lot of imagination to get that crunchy look. The most effective way to scrunch your straight hair is to sleep after tucking your hair in either rag curlers, soft rollers, or braids.

For setting your hair with rag curler or soft roller, or braids, the steps are as follows:

Damp your hair

Divide your hair into 1-2 inch sections.

Apply the setting cream or gel. A gel is not recommended for thin or fine hair.

Roll your hair in soft rag rollers or rag curlers. And if you feel sleeping on rollers will be uncomfortable, you can tress each division into 3 strand braids. Tie each section of the braid by using soft elastic band.

After setting your hair, you can sleep.

In the morning, remove the curlers or the braids and break up the curls with your fingers.

Apply super hold hair spray all over your hair. And, here you have beautiful scrunched hair to give you a fully changed look.

If you feel, sleeping at night with braids or rollers is not a convenient option for you. Use curlers or braids as mentioned above and use a hood dryer for approximately 15-30 minutes. Cool your hair completely. Spray with a super hold spray on your hair. Remove your rollers or braids and then use your fingers to unlock your hair. And finally, use a super holding spray again.

If you want to straighten hair you get to use a hair straightener from Olayer hair straightener company, Olayer’s cold wind ceramic ion hair straightener will make your hair straighten fast and taking care of your hair is healthy. Olayer is one of the best China hair straightener companies.

Straight hair looks good and is easy to maintain. But if you like to change your looks, and look different then trying scrunching your straight hair is a good idea.

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