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How to Save Money on Wigs When Inflation Hits

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past year or so, you’ll know that the days of cheap, massive amounts of oil and food are over. This will inevitably translate into higher inflation rates and much lower purchasing power. This means that it takes more and more money to buy the same amount of goods. For now, the generally weak economic sentiment is not helping to lift our spirits. But, you can save money and pass on good frugal habits to our younger generations. Without further delay, let’s take a look at how you can save money on wigs when you still want to have beautiful hair in the days of inflation. They are easy to achieve.

Try New Wig Suppliers

A wig supplier usually give extra discount to new customers besides the normal discounts on products. If you are going to try a new supplier, ask the customer service about the greatest discount they can give you as a new client. If they have loyalty program, join in it. It can help you to save more if you would like to order from this wig supplier in future. Always compare the final price after you apply all the possible discount at the last step of the checkout page with that of your pleased previous wig supplier. If the final price of the new supplier is lower, there’s an opportunity for you to save money on your new wig. If you order wigs from your local stores, then you can try an online store. Usually you can save a lot with the same quality.

Try New Wig Types

Try new wig types can be a good way to save money. If you have been wearing lace wigs before and would like to save money on that, try non lace wigs like u part wigs and v part wigs.

U part wigs are more like for those who have healthy hair on top, because you need to pull enough of your own hair out of the leave out to cover the edge of the u part wig. Blend your own hair well with the hair of the u part wig, then you will have a natural look. Since u part wigs are 100% made of machine, the prices are much lower than lace wigs. Don’t worry about the look, you will use your own hair parting and hairline, so it’s definitely realistic.

V part wigs is an upgrade of u part wigs. There are mainly two types. One is v part wigs with leave out, which is more like u part wigs but the leave out is in a v shape and smaller than that of u part wigs. The installation is also the same as u part wigs. The other is no leave-out v part wigs. The top is made of hand-knotted lace for a more natural look. When installing it, you don’t need to pull out of your own hair, instead, just cover onto your own hair and fix it with the clips on the cap. Like u part wigs, you will show your own hair parting which is 100% realistic. V part wigs with no leave-out is friendly to thinning hair. Whatever v part wigs with leave-out or no leave-out, the prices are cheaper than lace wigs.

Moreover, u part wigs and v part wigs are quite time-saving. Installation only takes you 3 minutes. Clip-in. Blend the hair. Go! No glue is needed, 100% healthy. Any reason not to try it?

Repair Old Wigs

Yes, find out your old wigs that may have broken somewhere or some hair loss. Repair them. Stitching and mending is a good tradition and should not be abandoned by the new era. If a lace front wig has broken lace, buy a new lace frontal closure and replace it; if the hair on the side and back is get thinning, add a new hair bundle. The cost of a lace frontal closure or a bundle of hair weave is absolutely lower than a full cap wig. Your DIY skills will also get to a new level.

Be a Wig Promoter

Record your daily wig life and post on social media. After you get some fans, you can be a wig promoter to introduce great wigs. In this way, you usually can get free wigs from wig suppliers and even some commissions for wigs you sell. Many online wig stores are recruiting promoters to review and promote their products. Pay attention to collaboration programs when you browse their websites. In time of inflation, there is no reason not to work harder.


Inflation is here to stay for the rest of this year at least. Einstein said, “In difficulty lies opportunity.” For a moment don’t throw up your hands in despair and give up great hairstyles. Great hair makes your day. Saving your money from wigs and boosting your purchasing power in your life.

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